25 DTI 18 inch barrel Heavy Match Contour
Results from chrono sessions did not result in any new revelations! I think Venatic, Siringo and others have covered most of the bases.
Here is what I have gotten.
10-18-12 80 degrees, sunny, but weapon not in direct sunlight

Powder-8208 Primer-Rem7 1/2
Bullet-70 Sie BK

31.5 Grains
Av Vel-2921 ES-71.40 SD 36.6

32.0 Grains
AV Vel-3030 ES-55.42 SD-28.01
Primer still round, no swipes.
Velocity okay speedwise but consistency could be better.
Accuracy at 100 yards was about 1 inch.
On this session, I got the 2 in one hole and 1 about 3/4 inch away syndrome.

I tried CFE with 75 grain Vmaxes. loads were form 33 to 34 grains. Velocity topped out at 2812 , with no pressure but velocity too low to interest me.

LeverRevolution 32.5 Grains 100 Grain Sie BT Primer Rem 7 1/2
Av Vel-2781 ES-15.98 SD 11.31
Primer still rounded, and swipes evident. No gain over 32.0 grains.

CFE 32.5 grains with th Sie 100 grain BT
Av Vel- 2718 ES-32.37 SD-16.64
Primer appeared still rounded, but swipes were visible. No gain over 32.0 grains.

Accuracy with both 100 grain loads were excellent. Sub 1 inch.

Powder-BLC2 Primer Rem 7 1/2 Bullet- 100 Horn Spitzer
32 grains
AV Vel-2632 ES-38.61 SD-21.18
Primers looked good and no swipes.

My goto's are:

LeverRevolution 33.0 grains Rem Primer 90 grain SHPBT
Av Vel- 2900 Accuracy good- deer killing excellent

LeverRevolution 32.0 Grains 100 Grain Nosler Partition or Sie BT Spitzer
AV Vel-2682 ES-11.29 SD 6.40
Have not killed a deer with this one, but it has promise in my mind. I will test it this year.

I keep coming up with this one in my notes where I have marked it with a star due to accuracy and speed. I have shot it over the last year on several occasions with consistent results.

TAC Powder Rem Primer 70 grain BK or 75 Grain VMax
33.7 Grains AV Vel-3061 ES-43.39 SD-22.11
Primers looked ok and no or minimum swipes! It is a coyote killer!!

All cases used were SSA.
I know this isn't ground breaking but hope it helps someone somewhere. I know I have enjoyed working with the DTI. I have other data with 322, Ext, and Benchmark but it was all hohum!
Good Shootin' Guys


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