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Without reading back to see what all speeds everyone is getting that actually that sounds about right to me. My main load of 85gr Noslerís is running 2900fps so dropping 10gr bullet weight and getting 160 fps gain sounds reasonable.
Think about it this way in the 250 Savage they dropped the bullet weight to 87gr to get 3000fps and thatís burning more powder from a longer barrel. I realize they were keeping pressures a little low but hey they still do on factory ammo. cool Pretty efficient little round.

I really did not mean to be complaining. You are right , it is a really efficient. I had read where some others had 2800 on the 100 grainers and mine just won't do it. But 2700 is plenty and the deer won't even notice it. I might have asked before but why did you decide to use the 85 grain BT? just curious! And thanks for all the data you have provided!