I must have a slow 25DTI ! The best I can do with 75 Vmaxs is 3060 with 33.7 grains of TAC. 31.2 grains of H322 gets me about the same velocity.
32 grains of LVR only gets me 2720 with the Sierra SBT 100 grainer. 33 grains of LVR and the 90 HPBT Sierra goes around 2900. 100 grain Nosler Partition and 100 grain Interlock shoed about the same velocity as the Sierra SBT. Could not locate Win SR primers at this time.
I will list some others when I find my notebook. These are BN coated bullets. All are shot with 7 1/2 primers, 18 inch barrel, temp was about 85 degrees.
No serious swipes noted and primers still showed rounded edges with no cratering.
Goes to prove all rifles are individuals!

Thanks for the load data guys!