Arizona Trappers Association sale was this weekend. I think the top bobcat was $1350 there were several that went well over $1K. Several guys averaged over $650 this year. A bunch of cats in the $700-800 range. One guy had a 31 inch cat sell for over $600 (single pelt).

The next sale in Arizona is the Kingman Fur Sale (bobcat pelts only sale). I will be taking several pelts of my own up there, along with pelts from guys all across the country. If you dont have the pelts put up yet, I can do that as well. I use the Nevada Style stretch to ensure the maximun amount of money for the effort. If anyone wants to get their bobcats into another HIGH dollar Arizona fur sale, let me know. Your pelts MUST have the CITES tag on them BEFORE you ship them! Even if they arent put up yet, your local Game & Fish, DNR, or DOW can put it on the raw pelt. It wont hurt anything during the put up process. This is another opportunity for guys to take advantage of the high prices again this year, dont miss out!

If you have any questions please feel free to ask.

maybe some of the guys I have pelts from will chime in here.. ..