This post is related to reloading the 25 DTI, but more to do with powder/gas system when using Lever Evolution Powder.

I recently installed a MGI Mid length regulated gas tube on the 25DTI. I have a medium heavy barrel with a .875 diameter gas block. The past weekend it was quite cold in northern MN (-16 degrees below), and I ended up setting the set screw for the gas regulator at 1 3/4 turns. At this setting it feed, shucked, reloaded and held back on on empty magazine. Cases piled up nicely 3 feet from me. Also, there was no evidence of any swipes on the cases or pressure signs. The load I used was the same as I have posted before with the 100 grain Sierra BT. Lever Evolution is like Superformance in that it has a longer peak pressure duration. Something that mid length and carbine length gas systems do not like. A rifle length system would most likely not have the issues (unlocking too soon).

BTW --- the installation instructions say to open the value 2 1/2 turns and then open more as needed to lock open on an empty magazine. I had to go the other way. ALSO, this really only applies to the use of Lever Evolution Powder, not the other types such as H4895, Tac, ect.