Siringo, THanks for the load update. I copied your load of 32 grains of LVR, Rem 7 1/2 primer and a 100 grain Interlock and the average was 2706, don't have the other figures with me, temp would have been about 60 degrees.
I was feeling adventurous,and tried 33 grains of LVR and the 90 grain Sierra BTHP, average 2906 with it! Thankfully it never gets below about 20 degrees on a normal year here. Sounds like with the 18 inch barrel we are stuck about 2700 in hunting weather.
My fastest load with the 75 VMax has been 33.7 grains of TAC for 3060 fps. I tried 322 and Exterminator and such, I suppose each gun is an individual!
Thanks again
Greg Harrison