Hello everyone.
Thanks for the wealth of information. I am starting a 6x45 build with a CZ 527 M1 American black syn stock as the donor. It will be rebored and eventually restocked (if possible) with a Cuda style stock.
This rifle comes with a 22" barrel. I will be using the 65 gr Hornady v-max for yotes and Speer 85 gr SPBT for deer. I have two questions:
1. Should I stay with the 22" bbl or shorten it to 20" (preferred).
2. What twist should I get? I am not planning on going with larger pills. I am wondering what effect shortening will have on the possible twist rate.

I want a light quick handling rifle (MN woods can be quite thick) that can also cover a short field on the edge of the woods. I am not a big fan of recoil or weight.