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The results for the 90gr Gamekings are promising, anyone tried a flat based bullet in that weight range? Only one that comes to mind is the 87gr Speer Hot-Cor. Curious if anyones gotten them over 3000 fps.

With all of the test-firing I do around the shop, I pick up blems and close-outs whenever I can. Back a few years ago, Midway had a deal on .257 Cal. 90 Grain hollow-point flat-base bullets. They were made for Federal to use in their "Federal Premium" ammunition. I picked up 500 of them or so to use for testing the .25 WSSM's, but when I came out with the .25 DTI, they became pure magic! They are not only VERY accurate, but they are short enough to get me 3000 FPS out of an 18" barrel! As you load for rifles where magazine length is your COL deciding factor, you will quickly see what short bullets will do for you.

The first deer killed in the world with a .25 DTI was taken with that bullet. If you ever see them available, pick up as many of them as you can!
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