25 DTI - my deer load

25 DTI
100 grain sierra gameking
SSA Case
Remington 7 1/2 primerWinchester Small Rifle
32.0 grains of Hodgdon Leverevolution powder
2.26 inches oal
18 inch 1/10 twist. Shilen match
2800 fps
Sub MOA.

NOTES: You can use the Sierra 100 grain prohunter with the same OAL. Velocity will be slighly less due to more bearing surface of the bullet.

My bullet of choice is the Swift 100 grain A-Frame. Seated to 2.3 inches the velocity was about 2750 fps. Very accurate.

All other 100 grain bullets need to be seated deep in the case and the powder charges adjusted accordingly. The seating depths of the bullets I mentioned above are all about the same.

CAUTION: The port pressure on a mid-length barrel setup will be higher than most other powders (using the leverevolution). I used a Tubbs buffer system to slow up the unlocking time and eliminated any swipes that I had. I am considering installing a MGI adjustable gas tube. Also, my buffer weighs 5.0 oz (carbine)

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