Looking forward to the results.
I tried the CFE223 with 55gr Nosler SHOTS bullets and speeds were lower than the speed of AA2015 and XTerminator so from my limited testing it does not start to shine until you get to 70gr bullets in the 6X45mm.

Here is the load I settled on for now with my Cooper.

70gr Nosler BT
29.7gr CFE223
Lapua brass
Remington 7 1/2
AOL @ 2.415
velocity @ 3120fps ES 21 SD 7

My 18inch DTech AR load with the 55gr Nosler SHOT bullets. I got this from John's data working with the XTerminator powder.

55gr Nosler SHOT(Kangaroo bullets)
28.0gr XTerminator
LC brass
CCI450 primer
OAL 2.150
velocity@ 3189fps ES 22 SD 6
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