River Runner,
I have gotten into Cow Skulls. Painting and saleing them. The first few I got were fairly clean enough, and just washed and sprayed them down. I have 2 tho, that are just filthy and almost black. My boyfreinds father(James Lindley) is actually a Moderator on here. So that is how I come to this site. He printed me out your postings for the Peroxide 40. I have already gotten it. My freind who ordered for me, said she had never heard of the Basic White. You said I could just bathe it in the 40. I've started to do that, but I do have one problem. The bucket I am using is not big enough for one with the horns. If I cant get it in there, how do I clean it? It was fairly clean when I got it. But I noticed after spraying it down to get dirt out of it that it had a few maggots coming out of it. If I cant get in a pan to boil it, what do I do about those? Do I just have to wait, and let them finising, umm eating? I have 5 done already, but I am anxious to get to the one with horns, its HUGE and will great painted. If needed explain some to James, he has helped me alot. Him and his son got the slippings from the horns, and I got the skull. Even trade I believe. They will use them for calls, and knife handles. I made this to long, I will think some, and ask more later.... Thanks

LoVe, HaPPiNeSS, FrEiNdShIp, HoNeSty, TrUtH, ReSpEcT, LoYaLtY, AnD YoU ArE ALL ThAt OnE NeeDs To LiVe A GooD LiFe!!!!!!! SmiLE,ALL ThInGs In TiMe Do GeT BeTTeR If YoU LeT It!