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#913182 - 02/25/08 04:53 PM My PM Hunt 2008
James Lindley Offline
Retired Moderator

Registered: 09/01/01
Posts: 3876
Loc: Shelbyville, Texas
Man I don't even know where to start.

Thanks to all that attended the hunt. It was great meeting some new guys and putting faces with the names..

Was good to see some members from the past.

My wife attended this year and she was a big help in taking care of the registrations, ticket sales and such.. That gave me the time to mix and mingle some and I enjoyed it a great deal..

The Sponsors that were there,

Dan Carey, Was a pleasure meeting you.. Thanks for the rifle case for my wife.. She really likes it and has threatened me to stay away from it lol.. I also enjoyed handling your displays (my wife didn't like it though) Very nice is an understatement.

Bearmanric, I really enjoyed talking with you. Can't wait til next year to see you again.. Your Introductory calls were a great edition and will be prized by all that won them..

DTech, What an extremely nice guy.. You walked up to me and said Hi and it took me by ssurprise.. You never know what someone will be like and I have to say that you are a very down to earth guy and a great attitude.. Glad you are a part of PM..

All sposors, the displays were great. To be able to actually handle your product was a great addition to this years get to gether. Thumbs up to each of you.

Mashal, (LilDTech) was great to meet you also.. Hope you can attend next year. If you follow in your Dad's footsteps you'll be a fine young man.. It already shows...

The mods that took on this years event:

Redfrog, handled the rooms and the bookings really good.

Yellowwhammer, WOW.... above and beyond the call, thanks for the list of prizes that we used. Without it I would still be writing down names lol..

Dogboy, well he was a blast, Didn't get to spend much time around you but hope that will change next year..

Michael J. McCasland, enjoyed the one on one time talking. It let me get to know you better, The demos that you gave were absolutly awsome. Next year I hope we can look forward to some of the same. Your part in the Eggshoot was great as well as the last minute handling of the badges.. Thumbs up to you...

RagnCajn, Talk about a character.. lol.. This guy told me he was the only person that could blow on an alligators but and call a coyote.. No!!! Really he did.. It has to do with that howler that he has of an alligator's head fixed onto a cowhorn howler.. Really neat lol.. Your handling of the Eggshoot was great...

RanUtah.. Thanks for the rational attitude when things go wrong.. It helped calm me and we all know that it was a good thing.. I enjoyed the talk and look forward to more of it..

I feel as though I am finally fitting in..

The members..

George Ackley lol..You saved all your luck in winning things for this event didn't you? You made out like a bandit.. Good for you buddy.. I enjoyed meeting you and Muph also..

Leal... I saw you and thought "I know that guy from somewhere". I was right in that we met at Gerald's get to gether.. Good to see you again. Buying those tickets paid off didn't it?

SW_Sniper, A special thanks goes to you for bringing all those discount coupons from Sportsman's Warehouse.. The members ate them up...

Arizona Moose.. Glad to have met you.. I enjoyed talking what little bit we talked..

AzCowgirl.. Thanks for helping out at the banquet.

Geep, Raydeana, enjoyed meeting you also...

The list could go on and on as there was so much that happened that it would take to much room..

If I missed you it is not on purpose, and I assure you that I enjoyed each one of you that I met..

I have some pictures that I'll get posted as soon as I get them downloaed.. With dial=up it will be a day or two or three lol.. Thanks to all that attended.. .James L.
Never underestimate the power of stupid people!!

#913183 - 02/25/08 10:11 PM Re: My PM Hunt 2008 [Re: James Lindley]
genesis Offline
Die Hard Member II

Registered: 01/02/05
Posts: 1129
Loc: Arizona
Thanks for putting on a great get together!!!!
It was very nice to meet you and your wife.
See you next year.
Give a child a fish and he will eat for one day. Teach a child to fish and you'll end up with a hook in your ear.

#913184 - 02/25/08 11:34 PM Re: My PM Hunt 2008 [Re: James Lindley]
Die Hard Member II

Registered: 02/24/05
Posts: 1399
Loc: Phila. PA
Jimmy it was good to meet you also pal, you did a bang up job
and as for your wife I told the guys at my table that I was winning that upper
I also told them that I had a inside good luck charm working with me..
I told your wife that I had no luck at winning anything ever ...when I got my extra door price tickets she told me I was going to win something here and I did . first night I walked away with a bearmanric call the scent night a yellerdog call, then the upper the last night every ticket I got from her..
I hope my good luck charm will be there next year,
it was worth the trip just to meet people like you ...

hope to see you next year

remember work on them 4Xlong sleave PM t's


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