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#904944 - 02/19/08 12:20 AM A Great PM Hunt (pics)
Dogboy Offline
PM is my life

Registered: 04/22/01
Posts: 6010
Loc: Oak Hills, Ca
Where does one start after a great time like I had in Globe. This was my 4th hunt in Globe.

I didn't take any photos, because everyone else did..

No doubt the best part of the hunt as always, was meeting some old friends and meeting some new ones.

Swamping hunt stories, sharing ideas, learning how others hunt in their states, poking fun, cracking jokes, calling in new territory, well it just don't get any better than that in my book.

Met lots of great people and the sad part was, I just wasn't able to talk with everyone I'd like to have.

Everyone there was out calling as much as they could and some of them traveled far to call, and hunted long hours. Many braved the rains and muddy roads.

Hunting with Yellowhammer was a test for an old man, that boy likes to hunt and doesn't want to go in... He burns a little gun powder and it's on.

It was sad not all the moderators could attend this event and see what their hard work has accomplished and have the fun that we did.

My calling partner on this trip was derbyacresbob (Bob Morris). Bob is just a very easy going guy, who is one very experienced hunter and sportsman. He does know how to call and shoot coyotes.. Bob I enjoyed our hunt and trip together.

Me and Bob did a total of 43 stands while in Globe, called in 6 coyotes and between us, put 3 down. We saw several other coyotes while traveling from stand to stand.

I do think Bob had just as much fun shooting at least a couple hundred pictures with his camera which included incoming coyotes, members, and the country we hunted in.

I know it's difficult for some members to attend this function because of it's location, but having well over 1 million acres of beautiful and challenging country to call in, you all should try and make at least one trip to this annual hunt. I don't think you will regret it.

To all those great folks I met, it was a pleasure to talk with you and learn your style of calling.

Here are a few pictures of our hunt.

I shot this male coyote as he came to the call at the 3 minute mark playing lightning jack. He took a load of dead coyote at 30 yards. He went down hard.

He was an old dog estimated between 6-10 years old. His teeth were pretty worn.

Yellowhammer joined me in the photo, he had just missed a hard charger that came in for him just up the road.

This male coyote I took on the second day we hunted. It too came into the call within 3 minutes of lightning jack. A female was with him about 75 yards behind.

He came in crosswind but started to head downwind of the call, so I took the shot at 60 yards with my 223 before he could head out.

Bob took this male coyote that was with a female on our last day.

We had set up under a tree next to a big rock and started lightning jack when coyotes across the road about 300 yards started howling.

This pair in front of us were eating on a dead cow and started moving with all the comotion. They took their time walking across in front of us, seeming uninterested in the call.

Bob let loose with some vole squeeks and they both stopped staring our way. Bob got in the prone postion and killed this dog with a great 250 yard shot from his 243. The dog ran about 100 yards and piled up. Good shot Bob.

He was a nice dog weighing about 28 lbs,

Here is a group photo of Knockemdown,Yellowhammer, me, Onefoot. Onefoot and Knockemdown happen to be in the same area. Knockemdown took a shot at the coyote that Yellowhammer had shot at after it crossed the road and ran into a field.

By the pictures you can see some of the country we were calling in..

#904945 - 02/19/08 06:47 AM Re: A Great PM Hunt (pics) [Re: Dogboy]
varmithntr Offline
Die Hard Member II

Registered: 12/04/06
Posts: 1644
Loc: Minnesota USA
Great read!! I have INFORMED the BOSS (wife) that I AM GOING next just to do it while she is awake!
I have to start saving coins now to make this work. Thanks to all the people that make this site the best on the web.

Edited by varmithntr (02/19/08 06:48 AM)
One shot one kill-----Unless they line up!!
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MN Advanced Hunter Education Bow Instructor

#904946 - 02/19/08 09:08 AM Re: A Great PM Hunt (pics) [Re: varmithntr]
derbyacresbob Offline
Die Hard Member with a vengeance

Registered: 04/05/07
Posts: 4980
Loc: Kern County, CA

Great read!! I have INFORMED the BOSS (wife) that I AM GOING next just to do it while she is awake!
Don't wake her up! Just leave quietly while she is sleeping.
Foxpro Field Staff

#904947 - 02/19/08 12:18 PM Re: A Great PM Hunt (pics) [Re: derbyacresbob]
Yellowhammer Offline

Registered: 02/07/02
Posts: 16690
Loc: Huntington, Texas
Ken it was a my great pleasure to get to hunt with you and Bob. We should have hunted a couple of more stands on the way back though. You don't quit when you get on streak.

I may have to use my shotgun more. If I had had it either of those stands, I would have had 2, including the one you got.

At least Bob got pictures of the one I missed.

A had a blast to be sure, and you guys showed me how to hunt those seemingly barren spots where you wouldn't imagine that their was a coyote within a mile or more. Heck, we almost see that far.
"The recreational value of a head of game is inverse to the artificiality of its origin"

"No prize is greater than the effort taken to acheive it"

- Aldo Leopold, The Father of Wildlife Management


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