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Wolf Predation on Wintering Deer in East-Central Ontario


The pack killed 29 deer during 63 days, or one deer per 2.2 days. Distances travelled between kills ranged from 0.3 to 43.4 km and averaged 14.7. The amount of food available per wolf per day was 3.67 kg. The calculated daily food consumption was 0.10 kg per kg of wolf per day. The average age (2.43) of deer killed by wolves was greater than the average age (2.02) of deer killed by hunters. The sex ratio of 42 adult deer killed by wolves was 250 males:100 females; in a sample of 290 hunter-killed deer the ratio was 92:100. In 1968, the hunting success of wolves was 25 percent compared with 63 percent in 1969. It was calculated that during the 5-month winter period, the wolves removed 9 to 11 percent of the 730 deer present when winter began.

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