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#732064 - 09/27/08 09:07 PM Re: Coyote Hunting/Calling [Re: outlaw from Idaho]
varhunter Offline
Die Hard Member

Registered: 09/22/08
Posts: 530
Loc: Montana, United States
I got a question about how you say to use distress calls. You say to blow for 30 seconds to a minute with the distress, is that just solid calling?

#732065 - 10/07/08 09:03 PM Re: Coyote Hunting/Calling [Re: varhunter]
getfoxy Offline
PM senior

Registered: 07/06/05
Posts: 9632
Loc: USA

I got a question about how you say to use distress calls. You say to blow for 30 seconds to a minute with the distress, is that just solid calling?

Personal prefrence really. If you want you cant call the entire time, ot call for 30 seconds to a minute, wait a few minutes, and just keep the sequence going. if you feel the need to call then call if not, then dont

#732066 - 04/28/09 05:33 PM Re: Coyote Hunting/Calling [Re: getfoxy]
critterdown Offline
Predator Master

Registered: 04/27/09
Posts: 57
Loc: Mississippi
What about E callers? I just got a johnny stewart call and have a 12 year old nephew just dying to go predator hunting. I have only been once but i want him to be able to do anything in the great outdoors he wants. I am looking forward to this weekend we are going to give it a try. Thanks for all the advice in here
what we do for ourselves, when we die; dies with us; What we do for others remains immortal.

#732067 - 04/29/09 03:59 PM Re: Coyote Hunting/Calling [Re: critterdown]
Rmitch223 Offline
Seasoned Member

Registered: 03/20/09
Posts: 205
Loc: Oklahoma
Good Write up! Thanks!

#1399981 - 10/26/09 03:25 PM Re: Coyote Hunting/Calling [Re: Rmitch223]
WyRdnk Offline
Seasoned Member

Registered: 04/16/09
Posts: 129
Loc: Gilbert Arizona
Great posts, lots of good advise here..
When drinking from the stream always rember to be upstream form the herd!

#1516459 - 02/07/10 01:17 PM Re: Coyote Hunting/Calling [Re: WyRdnk]
Bam Bam Offline
Predator Master

Registered: 02/07/10
Posts: 60
Loc: santa fe, nm
for you guys and girls that hunt in areas like New Mexico where you can travel a hour in any direction and the terrain changes dramatically. if you want to blend in well with out having to buy more than a couple sets of camo, go look in army surplus stores for the new army digital camo. itll be so much cheaper than buying the different kinds of camo for winter or forest or even grasslands. if you cant find any in the surplus check out if you get the regular army digital and the forest camo youll be able to blend into any terrain. i still use the regular digital during the snow fall and its like as if you were never there.
speed is life, hesitate and you die

#1622604 - 06/23/10 03:34 PM Re: Coyote Hunting/Calling [Re: Bam Bam]
lon0121 Offline
Die Hard Member III

Registered: 05/10/10
Posts: 2718
Loc: southern kentucky
i have the primos e caller. as well as the lohman call,
they work ok, the primos one is good for the money.

id use mouth calls and electric calls, also throw in a howler too!

#1962641 - 07/26/11 09:57 AM Re: Coyote Hunting/Calling [Re: WyRdnk]
YoteSnuffer Offline
Seasoned Member

Registered: 07/25/11
Posts: 403
Loc: Denham Springs, LA
I don't know about Johnny Stewart E-callers but I have heard great things about Foxpro's line of callers.
Jeremiah 16:16-Behold, I will send for many fishers, saith the LORD, and they shall fish them; and after will I send for many hunters, and they shall hunt them from every mountain, and from every hill, and out of the holes of the rocks.

#2098828 - 01/04/12 03:14 PM Re: Coyote Hunting/Calling [Re: YoteSnuffer]
Coyote_Hunter_AZ Offline
Seasoned Member

Registered: 12/04/11
Posts: 188
Loc: Arizona
Why would the color of the camo matter?

Coyotes don't have color vision. Their eyes consist of all rods, no cones. That means no color vision, everything is black and white and shades of grey. However, they have great night vision and can pick up on motion easily.

If you want to evaluate your como, take a black and white picture (or Photoshop a digital picture into 256 shades of grey) of yourself with a typical background. You will see what the predator sees.

#2295578 - 09/23/12 06:04 PM Re: Coyote Hunting/Calling [Re: Whiskers]
JFOZ Offline
New Member

Registered: 09/22/12
Posts: 3
Loc: Michigan
Iam going Coyote hunting next month using a 22 and so I and hoping to find a coyote. But what will I need.

#2305799 - 10/09/12 07:47 PM Re: Coyote Hunting/Calling [Re: getfoxy]
Russdogg91 Offline
Seasoned Member

Registered: 02/26/12
Posts: 179
Loc: MI., U.S.A.
that was going to be my question. I have a .17 hmr and was wondering if that would suffice. I'm in michigan where theyre wont be many long shots.

#2306251 - 10/10/12 12:06 PM Re: Coyote Hunting/Calling [Re: Whiskers]
canislatrans54 Offline
PM Junkie

Registered: 02/13/06
Posts: 11351
Loc: Salina, Kansas
JFOZ & Russdogg91...

Fellas, some friendly advice.
IF a rimfire is the only gun you have access to, or your local laws state that is all you can use, then give it a try.
But, don't expect to have a killing shot with either caliber...unless you're within 50 yds, & make a "dead-center of head" shot.
Rimfires just don't pack enough "punch", regardless of what some folks say.

If you have access to either a 12 gauge, or a centerfire rifle, do so. far as what you truly "need", (aside from the gun), a call that you are comfortable using that creates a prey distress sound, such as cottontail, or jack rabbit. (Doesn't matter if you have those critters in your area, as long as your sound is convincingly "hurt")

If you have an open-reed call, this time of year pup distress works well, as pups are dispersing, & there are still plenty of other things to eat besides rabbit.
If you're new enough to not know what pup distress is, (sounds like you might be), think "stepping on a dog's tail".
You make this sound on an open-reed by "pulling" your top lip/teeth back across the reed, towards the tip..."yip, yip, yip, yip".

Having camo is great, & should be worn head-to-toe, but not absolutely necessary to get started.
Having a soft foam pad, or something, to put under your butt is a good idea.
If you're hunting in a brushy, or heavily timbered area, binocs aren't necessary. However, if you're hunting in open areas, they are a help.

Aside from that, the best advice I can give you, is...#1) PRACTICE your calling long before stepping foot onto your hunting area; #2) Sit as still as possible, using your eyes to scan the area, with super-slow head turning; #3) Have patience. Don't expect a coyote to come bounding into sight within the first few minutes. BUT, be prepared in case one does; #4) See #1; #5) See #1, again; #6) Don't get discouraged if nothing comes in. That's why it's called "hunting".
Will Horting

#3217260 - 11/04/19 06:32 PM Re: Coyote Hunting/Calling [Re: Whiskers]
UncleHef-A. Offline
Seasoned Member

Registered: 12/14/13
Posts: 101
Loc: Northern MN. MT
I'd like to add if I may.
For a lot of young hunters a shotgun is the first tool of the trade they will own. Excellent. From where I am in northern Minnesota on east to the Atlantic there is primarily bush and brushy woodland type environments. Again excellent. Third part of the trifecta that makes for great youth calling experiences is all the deer stands that hunters have built in every corner of creation it seems and they all sit empty during the best calling time of the calendar.
If young people do some leg work and find different existing deer stand locations and put together a milk run of sorts to use 3 or 4 consecutively mornings and evenings ([beeep] anytime may work) I think they will do very well, shotgun and all.
I have called many bears for hunters utilizing these ready to go blinds. They work for all.


#3298835 - 05/06/22 10:28 AM Re: Coyote Hunting/Calling [Re: Whiskers]
1oldcoyote Offline
Seasoned Member

Registered: 03/18/22
Posts: 123
Loc: Central plains
Some sound advice.

I've hunted with both callers & spot/stalkers. Hilly terrain I would stealth in on the cross wind, angled up wind preferably. From where a coyote is or suspected to be. Flat land with ground cover. It may be better to walk in with the wind in your face? depending on height of ground cover (to avoid being seen). Regardless, most coyotes when bedded down. Will be facing a down wind angle. Not making noise on the way in. IS as important as utilizing the wind direction.
My only interest is wild canine Biology & Behaviors.

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