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#674140 - 03/31/07 11:57 PM Group pic is here !
crapshoot Offline
Retired PM Staff

Registered: 03/22/02
Posts: 23362
Loc: Henderson,Nevada,USA
Along with some others. Thanks for sharing these with us Judd!

All pictures taken by Judd Cooney.
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#674141 - 04/02/07 03:07 PM Re: Group pic is here ! [Re: crapshoot]
TonyTebbe Offline
Retired PM Staff.

Registered: 10/31/03
Posts: 18681
Loc: Lovington, NM
Man, that looked like a fun time.

Maybe next year...

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Tony Tebbe

#674142 - 04/02/07 06:11 PM Re: Group pic is here ! [Re: TonyTebbe]
Michael J. McCasland Offline
Retired PM Staff

Registered: 04/24/01
Posts: 9470
Loc: Tucson,Az
I hear it was fun! I honestly didn't have the time to notice, they almost got the picture off without me noticing.
............ It was fun, the weather could have been a little nicer, but you can't do much about the weather. Lots of good people!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
.....liars usually leave tracks, the trick is finding them without getting caught ......

#674143 - 04/03/07 03:21 AM Re: Group pic is here ! [Re: Michael J. McCasland]
reb8600 Offline

Registered: 10/13/04
Posts: 11402
Loc: Morgan, Utah
I sure look small standing in the middle of everyone. I didnt realize everyone was so tall compared to me.
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#674144 - 04/07/07 04:13 PM Re: Group pic is here ! [Re: reb8600]
Jason El Paso Offline
Former Admin / Pro-Staff Advisor

Registered: 04/21/01
Posts: 4181
Loc: Denton,Texas
Hey alright!!!!!
Keep the wind in your face and... Good calling to you...

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