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#55307 - 01/01/04 07:57 PM yote vocalization
Albertacoyotecaller Offline
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Registered: 01/26/03
Posts: 509
Loc: Peace River, Alberta, Canada
Can anyone tell me if there is a big difference between western yotes and eastern yotes willingness to be vocal.

I am trying to locate yotes at night in the east and have had luck doing this in the west but I can't seem to get a response from any here in the east.

I know that out west there are more yotes and I was thinking they might be more territorial where as in the east, there are less yotes and their territory isn't as critical. Make any sense?

I know there are yotes in the area since I have hunted them with dogs in my youth and the hunters around the area have told me they are still there but I can't get a response and I have been trying for a week and half in about a 10-12 square mile with no response.

What gives?

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#55308 - 01/01/04 08:10 PM Re: yote vocalization
Rich Cronk Offline
Retired Moderator

Registered: 04/20/01
Posts: 7135
Loc: Western Iowa
Greg Bernetic,
I have found that in area's of high population of people, the coyotes are a lot less vocal in daytime. They do become pretty vocal at night though. One reason that we hear more coyotes when we travel westward, is because there are more coyotes to hear. Here in western Iowa, the coyotes are pretty shut mouthed in daytime. They will still come to the sound of strange coyote in their territory, but they come in silently most of the time.

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