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Let Predator Masters Call In Some Customers For You!!

Predator Masters Forums has seen a phenomenal amount of growth in the last 3 years, offering you an excellent source for getting your product or service in front of the very people who use them. We are the LEADER of on-line Predator Hunting information and we have become “The Online Gathering Spot” for literally thousands of people interested in the sport.
We are proud to say that we now host the largest predator hunting site in the world.

We would like to invite you to advertise on PredatorMasters.com and take advantage of our unprecedented growth. For January 2006- we experienced over 810,816 page hits a day, which streamed in a whopping 21,728,912 hits for the month.

We've recently been working on our web site featuring articles written by our staff AND our members. Our site is packed with information on predator hunting, product reviews and links to all our advertisers web sites. Predator Masters has been the subject of articles in major hunting publications such as “The Trapper & Predator Caller”, Petersen’s "Hunting" and "The Varmint Hunter Magazine”. Many of our staff have been featured authors in these publications. Our members and visitors are the folks that use your products, this means Targeted Advertising!!

We've added personal forums for each sponsor where you may promote your products and achieve a no competition environment between you and your customers.

You may be a sponsor with a banner that displays on all pages of our bulletin board. Banners in product specific pages will also be utilized, i.e., hand calls in the hand call pages. Your banners, in our heavily visited forums, rotate at a rate of 8 times per hour, giving you maximum exposure. A banner advertising your product or service will also be displayed on our Sponsors page.

Our newest Banner facility being launched in Feb 2006 will enable you as an Sponsor to log into the program and view your banners statistics, traffic, and click throughs.
You will also receive an e-mail automatically each week from the program reporting back to you, the traffic your banners is creating, number of hits, etc.

Direct Marketing:
You will also be allowed to market your items in the forums, displaying your .com address and specials anytime you see fit as well as a URL signature, for any other postings you are involved in during general conversation and interaction with our members.

Review Listings:
If you so choose, your item will also be reviewed by one of our staff members and an article will be written. If your item is deemed to be of exceptional quality, you'll be included in our recommended buyers list. *This service is offered free of charge with the purchase of a minimum Sponsor package.

Terms and Agreement:
We will upload and display your Banner and create a link to your website. We have 3 areas that your banners will appear, including the front page of our website, a particular page of interest, i.e. Tech Pages, and the ability to advertise in our forums along with your URL signature that also links back to your page.

If at this time you are without a banner for display, our Webmaster can design one for you for a nominal fee.

Please send all inquiries to Yellowhammer at advertising@predatormasters.com

We look forward to a mutually beneficial relationship with you and your company!

Thank you,

Predator Masters Staff

*Prices are subject to change without notice and at our discretion.