Just a reminder, the e-mail you get each week with your advertising statistics on it, is only a sample of the information available to you folks.

A copy of the letter;


Your banner statistics from Predator Masters

Dear Jim Champion,

Below you will find the banner statistics for Champion Tannery:
This report includes statistics from 23-05-2006 up to 29-05-2006.

Campaign [id4] Champion Tannery - Default

Banner [id42] Champion Tannery
linked to: http://www.championtannery.com
AdViews (Total): 167319
29-05-2006: 976
28-05-2006: 967
27-05-2006: 798
26-05-2006: 1024
25-05-2006: 1011
24-05-2006: 1108
23-05-2006: 1220
Total this period: 7104

AdClicks (Total): 278
29-05-2006: 2
28-05-2006: 1
27-05-2006: 1
26-05-2006: 2
25-05-2006: 1
24-05-2006: 3
23-05-2006: 2
Total this period: 12

Jim Champion

A while back, I sent e-mails to all banner advertisers announcing the unveiling of our new program which keeps logs and records of your banners performance, clicks, views, ratios, etc. The response to that e-mail was quite minimal compared to the amount of advertisers here.

A side from the information that is in your weekly e-mail, once logged into our adbanner admin site you can run reports, compare charts, check ratios, adjust how often you receive the above e-mail, and several other features that show you how and what your getting for exposure, where and when.
These reports are great tools when deciding where to spend your advertising dollars, but you have to be logged into your account to generate them by date and print them out.

If your interested in being able to log into our adbanner admin site at http://www.predatormastersforums.com/adbanner/admin/index.php , you can reply to me here, or reply to the stats e-mail that you receive and I will issue you a username and password for your account.

AAAaaaaaaaaand as always, thanks for helping support our site.