Not really an amendment as much as it is a clarification.

In my initial post New Forums Information in here, I had specifically mentioned the following;


Non commercial advertisers that are not part of our banner program are asked not to use siglines, avatars, logos, or pictures for the sole purpose of selling, that promote a specific product outside of their dedicated forum. These privileges will reside with banner accounts only.
Your avatars and siglines may state your outfits name. ie; Bob's Custom Calls, and be used outside of your dedicated forum.

The last sentence in that quote turns the key. It's just not explained very well.

I encourage those of you with forums in here to add a link to your forum, into your sigline. But it can only be titled as your forum is titled for NON banner advertisers.
I just don't want specific product advertisements spilling outside of the Promotional Area unless you have a banner account.

If anyone needs help adding a link to their forum, into their sigline, let me know. I'd be happy to help.