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#377158 - 01/19/06 07:29 PM KK & Jd's PM Hunt!
KeeKee Offline
Die Hard Member III

Registered: 01/10/03
Posts: 3020
Loc: law co Ohio
Man were to start! First I haft to say sorry for not getting to this sooner! I just been coverd up!

With that said here she goes..............

I got off work and managed to get around a 2 Hr nap before driving up to the airpost to meet up with JD. We got all lined out and on the plane headed in the right direction. We flew in late so by the time we landed got the rental and made out way to Rich Higgins it was almost 12:00 on New Years eve! We made it just in time to bring in the new year with randy Black, Jay Nistetter, Brent Fisher, and Rich Higgins! What a way to start 2006!!!!!!!!! And a COLD BEER! WOW!

The next morning we hunted with Rich Higgins, we were out to film and play with the minds of some coyotes and that we did! Great day of calling and filming! We got some great stuff with the decoys, the JIB, and outfoxed woodpecker. Had a awsome time with my good friends Rich Higgins and JD.

We headed back to Riches to pre view some new realeas video's and had a blast!

The next morning we got back up and headed out agin for the early am hunt with Rich agian and shot some real close footage of a few coyotes right in JD's face!

You guys will haft to help me out here with the numbers per day, its just been to long and I didnt right them down. 13 or 14 coyotes in a day and a few Hrs???? Thats close I think!

We ran back to Riches and grabbed our stuff and headed over to Uncle Jays were we hooked up with Jay and Randy Black, for the rest of the day! We had a blast, if you ever get the chance to hunt with these two, jump at it! Great guys and good friends! We called several coyotes and conected with two, both on film, and good footage. We ran two camera's on each stand.....OH....I think there was a miss in there??????....Randy??????

We headed back to Jays and crashed out. the next day me and JD were on our own for the day, Jay had to pick up Byron and Randy had some things to get in line. We headed out and spent a half day calling and filming.

we got back to Jays and stayed up shooting the bull half the night with Byron, jay and Randy....What a hoot! And oh man the stories! I will never tell!!!!!!!!!

The next morning Byron and Randy headed out and we hooked up with Tim Reese. Lorens brother from Reese Outdoors. We got into the farm lands and into the coyotes as well!!! Tim was a great partner for the day and we shot some great footage! Some good decoy stuff as well! I cant thank Tim enought for taking us out we had a blast! We headed back to Jays and went over to the Varmint meeting with Jay, Byon and Randy. Meet up with Rich and had another look at his new video Up Close and Personal. Had a balst talking with all the guys over there at the club! And meet some great people! Back to Jays for more stories and good times!

The next morning me and Jd headed back out on our own, spent the hole day calling and filming, we got in and done some close up stuff with a shotgun, and man we had agreat time, called 7 coyotes I think and layed down some buck shot for sure! What a good time! We had a blast! And we got some great stuff on film, nuthen like callen them up close in the wide open area! And busten them with a shotgun!

We headed out the next morning bright amd early it was just me and JD again, so we headed back down and done some more shotgun stuff and a few rifle stands. Called some more cyotes and fired some more lead! We quit early to make the trip up to Globe to get checked in to the hotel and get ready for the meeting, it was good to see some of the guys again and meet some new people! Had a good time!

The next morning we hunted the Res with the guys from Outfoxed Products! Man, what can I say! They were great! Had a blast! And they fixed some Elk steats for lunch that would just blow your mind! Great time to be had with a couple great guys, that I will call my friends for along time! And we called coyotes!

The next morning we had the pleasure of hunting with Weasel for the day! What to say??? I made a friend that day! Great guy! Great hunter and great person! We had alot of fun! I will never forget that day for sure! Very good person! I really enjoyed hunting with Weasel! We called several coyotes and shot some good film. But most of all we had fun! We talked PM, videos, calls, coyotes and lord only knows what else! I sure enjoyed it Weasel!

We didnt hunt Sunday, we stayed out very late Sat night with all the guys, Tony, Jim, Rich, Greg, and Lynn, drank I dont know how much beer! But we sure had a balst till Jim sissed out on stopped by Frogs room to see all the other guys, what a hoot! Then we passed out!

We didnt get much sleep before the am call to get ready for the big show on Sunday! We didnt feel real good till around noon....LOL

We had a great time on sunday at the banquit! Things went well and smooth I thought, gave some great prizes away, and meet some great people! I thank each and everyone of you all for your support on this hunt! It was very good to meet everyone! I sure didnt want to go home!

We headed out and back to Jays were we stayed up again with Jay and Byron shooting the bull!

We ended up calling 47 coyotes for the week! Very good week for to Eastern boys! We didnt kill them all but what a blast! We missed a few killed a few and called some for others, it was sure fun! We got a ton of footage! I wont comment on the pigs!....LOL

I haft to thank a few people for all they did.....

Jay and Rich for putting us up and such great company! And for putting us on coyotes!

Byron! Had a great time dude! It was good to see ya!

Rich and Greg! You guys rock! We had a blast!

Tim Reese.....It sure was fun we will do it agin! We had a balst! You are a very good guy!

Weasel!.....I sure hope we meet up again! Sure was fun, you a hell of a guy!

Tyler....Good to see you agin!

Randy Black...It sure was fun! We will do it again! All I can say....Is thats how we do it DOWN TOWN!.....LOL

To all the guys at the hunt! We had a blast! Thanks for all you did! And all the suport!

Tony!...Great to meet you, I enjoyed talking with you and about the calls!

Lynn...Good to see you agin! I enjoyed it! And Congrads on the big CAT!

Crapshoot....Sure was fun! We will do it again!

Jim...You a hell of a guy! Good to see ya!

Mike P....THANKS! You know why! That was very nice!


#377159 - 01/19/06 09:13 PM Re: KK & Jd's PM Hunt! [Re: KeeKee]
Weasel-UT Offline
Retired PM Staff

Registered: 02/04/04
Posts: 20007
Loc: S.W. Utah
It was a honor hunt'n with you and JD. I had a great time. Y'all are good folks and good hunters. We did see 7 coyotes that day, but didn't have to dirty ourselves up one bit. That's my kind of hunt'n.

#377160 - 01/19/06 09:34 PM Re: KK & Jd's PM Hunt! [Re: Weasel-UT]
Mike Paul Offline
Retired PM Staff/Advisor

Registered: 04/20/01
Posts: 4448
Loc: Up by South Mountain, Utah
I have made a new years resolution to get to the hunt early next year so that I can hunt with you guys! Just not enough time this year. I need to spend some more time getting to know everyone down there!!!

Your welcome, but you did a hell of a good job this year- it was my pleasure!!!


#377161 - 01/19/06 09:59 PM Re: KK & Jd's PM Hunt! [Re: KeeKee]
canine Offline
Seasoned Member

Registered: 02/15/03
Posts: 476
Loc: logan co. ohio
Your right Brent, we had a real good time!

Arizona, I loved it, plenty of coyotes, cactus..(I only sat on one the whole time) ouch, and good people.

I to would like to thank Rich Higgins and Jay Nistetter for there hospitality, 2 very nice gentleman.

The offer stands if you guy's ever decide to come up to Ohio
you'll have a place to stay. We'll drink beer watch videos and kill coyotes to make you all feel right at home!!Also Jay, we have Taco Bell they serve great burritos with refried beans .

It was also nice to meet Byron and get to sit around and tell stories and just joke and have a good time. I wish i could of got a picture of Byron's face when i introduced myself as someone else . Thanks for the stories and laughs, wish you continued success.

Downtown Randy,you'll forever be famous when that footage hits the shelves, totally classic. Was a pleasure meeting you and hunting with ya.

Tim Reese, your a helluva shot man . Tim made 2 great shot's on coyotes. Both were got on film, way to go! Thanks for putting us on coyotes and the burrito from that little store out in the middle of the desert!!

Rich and Greg from outfoxed products. Thanks for showin us the reservation. I envy you guy's for having such beautiful country to hunt and fish. Those Elk steak's were great, lookin forward to gettin back together for that turkey hunt and some more coyote and cat hunting! you guy's are welcome up here to chase down some whitetails too, don't forget.

pop goes the Weasel!! Weasel it was a pleasure to spend the day callin with you. I've always enjoyed your posts and good hearted nature. Would definately like to do it again sometime. My face finally quit bein numb from that damn bee, no more coyote stands close to bee boxes for sure. .lol
Always remember i have blackmail material!!

Crapshoot, Tony, Jim, Lynn and everyone else i got to meet, it was a pleasure. Only wish there would of been more time!
Thanks for the call Tony, i love it. Been practicing with it and am ready to take it hunting. Maybe next year we'll get our cats.
Congrats Lynn on your Lion. What's next? lol.

whew! i think i got carpel tunnel from this post


#377162 - 01/19/06 10:53 PM Re: KK & Jd's PM Hunt! [Re: canine]
crapshoot Offline
Retired PM Staff

Registered: 03/22/02
Posts: 23362
Loc: Henderson,Nevada,USA
I sure wish I could have had more time to spend with you all as im not getting near the attention I deserve. You know, If we could get LBL and the Globe hunt a few months apart from each other, I might could make both.

Cameraboy........I mean JD, It was a pleasure to meet you. Im sorry that we didnt get the time to hunt together or nearly enough time to just BS and get to know one another better. Dont believe everything you hear about me from Brent. He's still upset I wouldnt let him kill anything last year.
Brent, how about penciling me in on your busy schedule for next years hunt so I can show you how to really do it Downtown! The offer is always open to either of you easterners to crash at my place and try to call and kill some Nevada dogs anytime.
I carry a gun because a cop is to heavy.

Average response time for a 911 call is 10 min.
Average response time for a .45acp is 900FPS.

Remember, if you're not pissing off a liberal......You are one!
Ted Nugent

#377163 - 01/19/06 11:28 PM Re: KK & Jd's PM Hunt! [Re: crapshoot]
River Runner Offline
PM is my life

Registered: 04/21/01
Posts: 8930
Loc: Bloomington, WI
Jim sissed out on us?
I sat at that bar and drank until that big Indian dude yanked my beer out from in front of me and pointed at the door.

{edit} I stagered off my stool, tried like hell to focus on him, and in a slurred voice I said, "that's it big chief, your banned". He had no idea what I was talking about.

Edited by River Runner (01/19/06 11:31 PM)

#377164 - 01/20/06 05:04 PM Re: KK & Jd's PM Hunt! [Re: River Runner]
Elkeholic Offline
Die Hard Member

Registered: 11/19/04
Posts: 648
Loc: Laverkin, Utah
LMAO that was no indian that was me!
It's not about the hunters weapon choice it's about the hunters choices in the field! "Lynn Haas 2005"

#377165 - 01/20/06 09:04 PM Re: KK & Jd's PM Hunt! [Re: Elkeholic]
River Runner Offline
PM is my life

Registered: 04/21/01
Posts: 8930
Loc: Bloomington, WI
ahhh crap


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