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#373707 - 01/16/06 01:13 AM Re: J.Holly's PM Hunt Recap - 7 parts [Re: NASA]
J. Holly Offline
Die Hard Member III

Registered: 06/07/03
Posts: 2751
Loc: Stillwater, OK.
Here is our own Mr. Randy "Shameless" Case.

The winds of change are just more hot air.

#373708 - 01/16/06 07:04 AM Re: J.Holly's PM Hunt Recap - 7 parts [Re: J. Holly]
daveyboy Offline
Die Hard Member

Registered: 07/27/03
Posts: 959
Loc: phx,az
Jeff,it's always a good time around camp when you stop in .Thanks for dropping off the stuff to Danny and I'm glad you made it home ok .I hope this hunt continues and gets even better every year if that's possible .Everyone there did a great job and you did a great recap of your time there.take care my friend,daveyboy P.s.Nasa it was a pleasure talking to you up at bobcat and I'm glad you made the drive up there.
life's short live each day like it's your last

#373709 - 01/16/06 12:16 PM Re: J.Holly's PM Hunt Recap - 7 parts [Re: daveyboy]
shameless Offline
Seasoned Member

Registered: 12/22/04
Posts: 224
Loc: central michigan
J. Holly,
Now that don't look like me one bit!! It does look like some of our long haired friends on this board.
Seriously, you are one of the reasons that Harold and I make the long trip out there from Michigan. It is a pleasure hanging with ya, and I hope we can make it again next year.
With all the brain cells that you left on Regfrogs floor you did a great job recounting the trip.

Hunt with your kids Not for them. I have never huged a bunny---that I didn't want to eat.

#373710 - 01/16/06 02:15 PM Re: J.Holly's PM Hunt Recap - 7 parts [Re: shameless]
Cactus Rat Offline
Seasoned Member

Registered: 02/18/05
Posts: 497
Loc: Cape Coral, Florida
Guys, you need to stop with the recaps, already!!

I am going through a serious withdrawal here, it having been a week without being around all of you yahoos’, and the fun times that were had by all and your recaps are not helping any!! My staff is getting worried and a little bit miffed at having to pick me up off the floor every ten minutes and shove a towel in my mouth to get me to stop laughing!!!!! And then this weekend and the neighborhood dogs!? I drove them nuts with all of my howling in the back yard.

Is it next year yet????

#373711 - 01/17/06 09:36 AM Re: J.Holly's PM Hunt Recap - 7 parts [Re: Cactus Rat]
TonyTebbe Offline
Retired PM Staff.

Registered: 10/31/03
Posts: 18681
Loc: Lovington, NM
It was great meeting you too, Jeff. I'll be sure to bring the toolbelt and hardhat, next year.

Loving my Kids, Loving my Woman, Loving my Dogs, Loving my Job..........Loving my Life!

Tony Tebbe

#373712 - 01/17/06 03:05 PM Re: J.Holly's PM Hunt Recap - 7 parts [Re: TonyTebbe]
Weasel-UT Offline
Retired PM Staff

Registered: 02/04/04
Posts: 20007
Loc: S.W. Utah

I'll be sure to bring the toolbelt and hardhat, next year.


Well, if you're going to go that far, can you post how you use a YoteSmoker? Might as well add photos too, for the full effect.

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