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#369019 - 01/10/06 03:54 PM Hunt numbers - post your results!
Dogn Offline
Seasoned Member

Registered: 03/21/01
Posts: 321
Loc: Salt Lake City
Sorry if I am out of place here, but I am intersted and I am surely not alone so.....Post your number of kills and breed of critter.

I will start with;
Dogn - 3 coyotes and 1 bobcat.
Dogpounder - 1 coyote.

We can tally this up in a week or so and see how much we helped in controlling the predator population.


#369020 - 01/10/06 04:27 PM Re: Hunt numbers - post your results! [Re: Dogn]
J. Holly Offline
Die Hard Member III

Registered: 06/07/03
Posts: 2751
Loc: Stillwater, OK.
Coyote = 1
Pride = 0 (Story comes later)
Game Ranger = 1
Turkeys = 250+

Crown Royal = 1 half gallon bottle (thanks for the help Lance and Sean)

Coors = 18 12 ounce bottles

several assorted glasses of stuff from the various "bars".
The winds of change are just more hot air.

#369021 - 01/10/06 06:06 PM Re: Hunt numbers - post your results! [Re: J. Holly]
Biker Offline
Seasoned Member

Registered: 01/23/04
Posts: 203
Loc: Deming, NM
Biker/Deno "Team Deming"
Friday High Country big goose egg
Saturday south of highway, Saw 6 Called 5 Killed 4
All coyotes.


#369022 - 01/10/06 06:31 PM Re: Hunt numbers - post your results! [Re: Biker]
Bill Offline
Seasoned Member

Registered: 04/21/01
Posts: 386
Loc: Tucson, Az.
Saturday Huntingvswife, OneShotPaul and I called sun up to sun down, 10 stands, lots of miles. On the last stand One Shot called a double with his FX3. We got one female. We had a great day.

"Old callers never die, they just blow away" Murray Burnham

#369023 - 01/10/06 07:26 PM Re: Hunt numbers - post your results! [Re: Bill]
crapshoot Offline
Retired PM Staff

Registered: 03/22/02
Posts: 23493
Loc: Henderson,Nevada,USA
Tuesday called 5 coyotes killed 2
Thursday called a double(coyotes) killed 1
Friday GS called 2 coyotes and I killed 1
GS also called 1 bobcat and I killed it
Everynight I called and killed many many braincells.
I carry a gun because a cop is to heavy.

Average response time for a 911 call is 10 min.
Average response time for a .45acp is 900FPS.

Remember, if you're not pissing off a liberal......You are one!
Ted Nugent

#369024 - 01/10/06 07:41 PM Re: Hunt numbers - post your results! [Re: crapshoot]
Mike Paul Offline
Retired PM Staff/Advisor

Registered: 04/20/01
Posts: 4448
Loc: Up by South Mountain, Utah

Everynight I called and killed many many braincells.

I think most everyone was killin braincells in one way or another...


#369025 - 01/10/06 07:44 PM Re: Hunt numbers - post your results! [Re: crapshoot]
NASA Offline
PM is my life

Registered: 04/22/01
Posts: 9179
Loc: 40.02N/105.25W
Tues, Wed, Thurs, saw 5, killed 0. On Friday I called in 3, shot 1. Saturday called 2, shot 1. It could have been 2, but someone drove up and stopped just as the coyote was comming out from behind the brush. The truck sliding on the gravel spooked him. Oh well.
B.O. Stinks!

#369026 - 01/10/06 08:21 PM Re: Hunt numbers - post your results! [Re: NASA]
daveyboy Offline
Die Hard Member

Registered: 07/27/03
Posts: 959
Loc: phx,az
Uncle Merv and I spent pretty much the whole hunt up on the high ground.But deja vu just wasn't happening for us in regards to a lion.We did have a wolf close to our camp at bobcat tank along with hundreds of turkeys .The country that Lynn tagged his lion in looks pretty much like the areas we were hunting.Hunting with my Uncle Merv was priceless to me.I just wish I could have gotten him a shot at a lion but it just wasn't happening.

Uncle merv and Daveyboy struck out but had a great time .take care,daveyboy

P.s.Lynn I was a little green with envy when you nailed that lion,but brother I think I was probably one of the happiest for you of all the people at the hunt .Congratulations again on a job well done .
life's short live each day like it's your last

#369027 - 01/10/06 09:00 PM Re: Hunt numbers - post your results! [Re: daveyboy]
bird dog 3 Offline
Die Hard Member

Registered: 04/28/03
Posts: 725
Loc: USA
Called in five dogs, Two gray foxes, nine+ Javelina, four archery Javelina hunters, three quail hunters and stumbled over untold number of hunting camps. January is a busy place here in AZ. with all the different hunts that are going at once. Great time was had by all.
Took two coyotes & one gray fox and my hunting partner Gary Sample took one gray fox. Missed two coyotes and one got a free pass as it didn't offer a good shot.
Hunting is not a
matter of life or death
It is much more
important than that !

#369028 - 01/10/06 09:44 PM . [Re: Dogn]
rockbluff Offline
Junior Member

Registered: 11/27/05
Posts: 25
Loc: Rich Hill, MO

Edited by rockbluff (01/10/06 09:49 PM)

#369029 - 01/10/06 09:46 PM Re: Hunt numbers - post your results! [Re: Dogn]
GS Offline
Die Hard Member

Registered: 05/10/01
Posts: 868
Loc: Waco Texas
In addition to what Lance mentioned earlier, I went out Saturday by myself and made 4 stands. Called a double (coyotes) on the first stand and killed one. The other three were dry stands. Got bored and went back to the room.

Put my coyote (great pelt) under my trailer so it would not bloat up in a hot suburban and went to practice my program. Came back out two hours later and the coyote was gone. I found out later that some lady had reported a dead coyote in the parking lot and maintenance removed it.
Regardless if you think you can or you can' are probably right.

#369030 - 01/10/06 09:48 PM Re: Hunt numbers - post your results! [Re: rockbluff]
Yellowhammer Offline

Registered: 02/07/02
Posts: 16690
Loc: Huntington, Texas
rockbluff- where you at the PM hunt?
"The recreational value of a head of game is inverse to the artificiality of its origin"

"No prize is greater than the effort taken to acheive it"

- Aldo Leopold, The Father of Wildlife Management

#369031 - 01/11/06 01:05 AM Re: Hunt numbers - post your results! [Re: Yellowhammer]
Weasel-UT Offline
Retired PM Staff

Registered: 02/04/04
Posts: 20007
Loc: S.W. Utah
I can't recall all that I saw or was in on, but I connected on one (coyote) out of two shots fired.

#369032 - 01/11/06 08:44 AM Re: Hunt numbers - post your results! [Re: Weasel-UT]
MIvarmit Offline
Seasoned Member

Registered: 01/23/02
Posts: 445
Loc: Michigan
Shameless and I had a great time, we called in 11 coyotes during our stay, we killed 4. We also had two we spotted while walking to a stand and had a hayday at the (for us) longer range shooting, We of course missed the running yotes but had a fantastic time.

If I can get in the safe, I'm home free!

NRA Life Member

#369033 - 01/11/06 09:26 AM Re: Hunt numbers - post your results! [Re: J. Holly]
Cactus Rat Offline
Seasoned Member

Registered: 02/18/05
Posts: 497
Loc: Cape Coral, Florida
Javelina – 12
Bobcat - 1 Bang Flop
Coyote - 1 No shot

Bear – 1 (250/275 pounds)
Coyote – 3, 1 down, 1 clean miss, 1 no shot
Deer – 4 all doe
Game Ranger – 1
Quail – 1,239 all flew away
Rattler – 1, 4 ½ feet long and a big lump in the belly

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