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#3326845 - 09/14/23 06:53 PM Re: Coyote a day for a year . [Re: clayreid]
ChrisLD Offline
Predator Master

Registered: 11/26/21
Posts: 61
Loc: PA
Awesome man congrats. With that mental fortitude you could accomplish anything you want.

Question is, do you still have any fun calling after all that? I think that would ruin me

#3326857 - 09/14/23 11:05 PM Re: Coyote a day for a year . [Re: clayreid]
OKRattler Offline
Die Hard Member III

Registered: 02/17/08
Posts: 3805
Loc: Ok Panhandle
I heard you talking about that on The Big Honker Podcast. That's impressive you killed that many. More impressive to me that you had the want to when it would have been just as easy to say to [beeep] with it and went to sleep instead of chasing coyotes.

I predator hunt pretty hard during the Winter. When Spring rolls around I start catchin rattlesnakes every day until the end of April. By Summer I'm not huntin for nothin but food to eat and a pillow to lay on. Hats off to you for having the drive to get it done. Makes me tired just thinkin about it.

Edited by OKRattler (09/14/23 11:08 PM)
I didn't climb to the top of the food chain to eat carrots.

#3326996 - 09/18/23 08:09 PM Re: Coyote a day for a year . [Re: clayreid]
204 AR Offline
PM senior

Registered: 01/31/10
Posts: 6216
Loc: Nebraska
That's amazing and something I could never imagine having the desire to try lol. I'm a hobbyist lol.Big Kudos to you Sir!
photobucket sucks

#3327002 - 09/18/23 11:45 PM Re: Coyote a day for a year . [Re: clayreid]
alf Offline
Die Hard Member III

Registered: 03/25/07
Posts: 2116
Loc: SW Wisconsin
I can't fathom the fortitude it took to grind that out for a full year, let alone accomplish your goal.

Congratulations hardly feels adequate.

#3327003 - 09/19/23 07:01 AM Re: Coyote a day for a year . [Re: clayreid]
Hunt Offline
Die Hard Member

Registered: 05/03/05
Posts: 906
Loc: USA
That is dedication and grit. Kudos to you Sir.

#3327007 - 09/19/23 10:54 AM Re: Coyote a day for a year . [Re: clayreid]
COinWA Offline
Junior Member

Registered: 08/29/23
Posts: 25
Loc: WA
Hats off to you… what an incredible feat!

#3327012 - 09/19/23 12:23 PM Re: Coyote a day for a year . [Re: clayreid]
Heymartay Online
Seasoned Member

Registered: 02/08/15
Posts: 492
Loc: Montana
So does this mean we should be able to hit the same spots say once a week or twice a month.
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