I was at my local GoodWill store today and bought a excellent shape Manfrotto Bogen Italy 3100 Tripod with a Manfortto model 3055 head. With the carrier strap. Paid $6.00 for it appears to be excellent shape.
I have not found a lot of info on internet about it. Appears that it was package purchase by some one. Not sure when the model was made ?
I think I seen picture of one were Tripod is rated for 11 1/2 pounds ???? So it might work for my CZ 512 22LR magnum or light weight AR15.
It looks like steel legs ? Very heavy that’s for sure. I am not going to pack it to far that is for sure. Ha ha. Anyways now for another important Question…. With these shinny steel legs
( 2 joints on each leg )if I rattle can camo paint job wound it hold up ? Just wondering best way to camo this thing ? I have a night Night stalker tripod but for $6.00 I thought I could make at least hunting tripod or target tripod that I can lend out to my friends. Any info on this tripod would be great. Thanks. MD

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