Have you recently completed a successful hunt? How about one that wasn’t successful in the traditional sense, but was still satisfying or educational? Did you use tools or techniques that may be valuable to others at Predator Masters? If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, then we want you to share your tale with us! In addition to your contribution to this community, you may also be considered for the Hunter of the Month. What is Hunter of the Month?

Through the Hunter of the Month program, Predator Masters recognizes one hunter each month who posts the best hunting story. Here is how it works. Everyone at Predator Masters is encouraged to post up an account of your recent hunt. Tell us what happened. Take us through the whole thing, from planning to execution. The use of photos, maps, and other visuals helps with the storytelling and acts as a great learning opportunity for our less experienced members. The objective of this program is to encourage participation by and education of our members through interactive storytelling, not only of the successful hunts, but also the failures that we all have. Ultimately, it is not only important to convey the final result of the hunt but also how the success was obtained or how the lesson was learned. Not every hunt will net you the prize of a lifetime, but every hunt should be one that you and others can learn from. Predator Masters encourages and challenges each of you to participate and share your experiences. We recognize that most of the stories shared will be related to predator hunting, but we also encourage members to document other hunts, including those for big game, small game, and varmints. We especially like to see successful, smiling youth hunters! We have members here who are interested in all types of hunting, and we plan to promote those adventures in every way possible.

Our moderators are always on the lookout for the next great story. They identify those storytellers they believe worthy of consideration and nominate them for Hunter of the Month. If you, as a member, get excited about a hunting tale, reach out to the moderator of that forum and express your opinion by requesting its nomination. At the end of each month, one of Predator Masters’ moderators or directors will make a post summarizing the Hunter of the Month nominees and asking the members to vote on their favorite. When all the votes are cast and tallied, the storyteller who receives the most member votes will become that month’s Hunter of the Month!

The Hunter of the Month will take home a great prize offered by one of Predator Masters’ in-house hobbyists or industry partners. Past prizes included custom made hand calls or lanyards, critter toting slings, decoys, and other helpful predator hunting gear. These hobbyists and other donors are the backbone of this program, which, frankly, would not be possible without them. When it’s time for next hand call, electronic caller, rifle, scope, or other hunting gear, check out our hobbyists and industry partners first. There is a good chance they have what you need, and you’ll know that your purchase supports someone who supports us.
"A person is smart; people are dumb panicky dangerous animals and you know it." K as played by Tommy Lee Jones, Men In Black