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#3320278 - 04/04/23 09:09 PM Mojo Critter techniques
Tick Offline
Junior Member

Registered: 01/01/14
Posts: 40
Loc: Upper Michigan
Have a Mojo Critter I want to try. Are there any techniques that are better than others that I should try? For coyotes primarily. I have a rabbit decoy that I’ve had pretty good success with it and was wondering if placing the Mojo critter near it or away for would be better, elevating it a little, or leaving it on the ground, stuff like that. Thanks, in advance.

#3320295 - 04/05/23 09:39 AM Re: Mojo Critter techniques [Re: Tick]
SnowmanMo Offline

Registered: 09/23/08
Posts: 4403
Loc: Phoenix, Az
I have used a decoy, including the Mojo critter, off and on for years. I mainly use it in wide open areas where coyotes can see further and might spot the call. I place my decoy right next to, or underneath my call.

I don't think having more than one is going to be an advantage.

Big mistake I see usually made with decoys is poor stand set ups. Some think that a decoy will fix poor stand set ups. A decoy still needs to be employed with good stand selection and properly working a stand. Just like an electronic call a decoy won't fix everything.

Good luck.


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#3320306 - 04/05/23 11:50 AM Re: Mojo Critter techniques [Re: Tick]
Softpoint Offline
Die Hard Member

Registered: 02/24/16
Posts: 683
Loc: Washington
I've never had any luck with a decoy where the coyote sees it for the first time under 50 yards. Spooks them and now they are extremely wary and usually run off. Haven't pulled mine out in a couple years now as I hunt covered areas.

#3320313 - 04/05/23 12:54 PM Re: Mojo Critter techniques [Re: SnowmanMo]
Tick Offline
Junior Member

Registered: 01/01/14
Posts: 40
Loc: Upper Michigan
Thank you

#3320506 - 04/07/23 09:34 PM Re: Mojo Critter techniques [Re: Tick]
AWS Online

Registered: 02/01/03
Posts: 6791
Loc: NM
I did a TIP of the month on decoys in this forum a few months ago.

From Tip post
Packing around a placing a decoy. Another thing I've found that decoys can surprise and spook coyotes if they start spinning in their face. I like to place mine high so they can see them from a distance

I convert a trekking/snowshoe pole to a decoy holder and they are very versatile not only as decoy holder but a walking stick.

I pull the handle off , insert a wood plug in the shaft and screw a 1/4x20 to 1/4" wood screw stud then replace the handle.

The stud screws right into the bottom of the decoy, I make faux fur covers for the motor.

Hard ground, no problem just stick it in the nearest bush, no screwing around trying to set up a decoy. Short bush collapse the pole.

Tall bush expand the pole.

Or just stick it in sideways, you can also stick it between the strands of barbwire fence a good way to get your decoy above tall grass

Handy to poke around for buzzworms .

Last month

This guy couldn't resist, actually walked around the bush looking up at the decoy.

When the geese were feeding in the big winter wheat fields of eastern WA (shoots just poking out of the ground) I'd lay it on the ground propped on the caller and it would look like a wounded goose flopping on the ground.

Edited by AWS (04/07/23 09:46 PM)
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Make mine a Minaska.

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#3320598 - 04/09/23 04:37 PM Re: Mojo Critter techniques [Re: AWS]
hm1996 Offline

Registered: 07/23/06
Posts: 18024
Loc: S. Texas
I'm sure glad I thought of that wink wink.

Seriously, great idea, Erich, thanks for posting; now if I can just remember where I put that adjustable walkin' stick that I haven't used in a long while so I can make the revision.

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