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#3318901 - 03/23/23 03:48 PM 3 dog night PLUS 1
jmeddy Online
Die Hard Member

Registered: 02/02/13
Posts: 902
Loc: SW PA
This is the first I have posted in a while cause I have forgot to hit "record" on the 3 before these since my last post.
Forecast called for rain to start at 11pm and I got home from an engagement at 8:30. Suz says "are you going out". I said, "can't decide for just 2hours which equals 2, maybe 3 sets". She says (AGAIN) "You should go since you won't be home next week, and they are calling for rain the rest of this week".
Wind directed me to this particular pasture just 5 miles from home. By the time I got there it was already drizzling but I talked myself into going for 1 set since I was there.
Got set up about 100yds from the suv and hit field mouse distress and I made 4-5 howls. At 3 minutes I see one coming then it disappeared into a hogback. When it reappeared, there was a branch in my sight line and the next thing I know it is walking into the hog back. Came back a couple minutes later with a buddy and died. 120yds. Male


I stayed in set with howls, distress, puppy sounds with silence mixed in and a while later I see another committing. It came to within 10-15yds of the dead one. I barked it stopped and it died. 130+yds. Male


I decided to stay a little longer with the same sounds as before. I could see on occasion 2-3 more in the pasture across the hollow but they did not seem interested to commit. They went out of sight, so I gave them what I felt was long enough to show up with no takers.
I decide to recover and get pics of the 2 dead ones. On my way to them I stopped a couple times to scan and saw one of them. Got prone and could not see it because of a hump a few yards in front of me. I crawled forward and found it in the scope. I barked, it stopped, I shot and it ran about 100yds before crashing. Double lunged and still went that far--never ceases to amaze me. If these 75 gr vmax hits bone they are DRT, this must have went between ribs going in as I have seen this before. You can see the other one I killed next as this one was faltering.
I moved down the hill about 20yds to get on the fence line for a steadier rest. Could not see it so grabbed a call and let out some rabbit. Here it comes. I bark with no results 2ce then did the "Korey" hey. It stopped and fell over. First was an unbred female at about 150yds. Male at about 110yds. was the 4th killed.
This set was almost 90minutes long and is the first time I ever killed 4 from a set--only killed 3 from the same set 1 time and have had very few with 2 kills. A great way to end the season as I prolly won't go in April or May unless called for calf/lamb killings.


#3318913 - 03/23/23 04:34 PM Re: 3 dog night PLUS 1 [Re: jmeddy]
DoubleUp Online
Die Hard Member with a vengeance

Registered: 12/18/10
Posts: 4524
Loc: USA
Now that was some good stuff Mike, but how many gets credited to you and how many to Suz?
Glow Bull Warming:
He that sitteth in the heavens shall laugh: the Lord shall have them in derision. Psalm 2:4

#3318936 - 03/23/23 06:34 PM Re: 3 dog night PLUS 1 [Re: jmeddy]
bcturkeynut Offline
Seasoned Member

Registered: 12/11/18
Posts: 113
Loc: North LA / South AR
Congrats on a strong finish to your season. Good stuff, thanks for sharing.
Night hunting predators is almost the most fun a man can have after dark.

#3318963 - 03/23/23 07:48 PM Re: 3 dog night PLUS 1 [Re: jmeddy]
jmeddy Online
Die Hard Member

Registered: 02/02/13
Posts: 902
Loc: SW PA
I guess Suz should get 90% of the credit. Tehe
She and some friends just spent a week in your neck of the woods/sand—Nags Head.

#3318990 - 03/23/23 09:43 PM Re: 3 dog night PLUS 1 [Re: jmeddy]
204 AR Offline
PM senior

Registered: 01/31/10
Posts: 6197
Loc: Nebraska
Wow that's a great stand, good work, great shooting!
photobucket sucks

#3319016 - 03/24/23 12:18 AM Re: 3 dog night PLUS 1 [Re: jmeddy]
6mm06 Online
PM senior

Registered: 07/31/05
Posts: 9318
Loc: USA

Fantastic hunt. Just doesn’t get any better.

#3319035 - 03/24/23 06:27 AM Re: 3 dog night PLUS 1 [Re: jmeddy]
Pa. Mick Offline
Die Hard Member III

Registered: 01/11/11
Posts: 2499
Loc: Southern shores of Lake Erie ,...
A night to remember for sure ! Nice shooting ! I have learned over many years the ones that get away don’t come back to play another day ! They are tough suckers !!! Congrats !

#3319127 - 03/24/23 05:04 PM Re: 3 dog night PLUS 1 [Re: jmeddy]
old cat Online
Die Hard Member II

Registered: 03/16/14
Posts: 1267
Loc: wv
Well done.

#3319189 - 03/25/23 01:17 PM Re: 3 dog night PLUS 1 [Re: jmeddy]
Bowhntr6pt Offline
Die Hard Member II

Registered: 04/09/13
Posts: 1120
Loc: Central Florida
Nice work.

#3319191 - 03/25/23 01:22 PM Re: 3 dog night PLUS 1 [Re: jmeddy]
Kino M Offline

Registered: 10/16/04
Posts: 1667
Loc: USA
Great way to finish up buddy! Congrats on a great stand and thanks for sharing your video and story.
Been there, done that many times and have the DD214 to prove it....

#3319303 - 03/26/23 02:22 PM Re: 3 dog night PLUS 1 [Re: jmeddy]
weekender Offline
PM senior

Registered: 01/01/13
Posts: 5270
Loc: NC
Very well done. Thanks for the videos.


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