The original headquarters of this family owned ranch, established in the mid 1800's is located on this last ranch, consisting of 12,000 acres and is home for the widest assortment of exotics of the three.

Sable antelope, native of southern Africa

Kudu, Eastern and Southern Africa

Scimitar Horned Oryx, endangered in native Sahara desert but thrives in south Texas arid brush country

Roan antelope widespread across south africa

Lechwe antelope native to south central wetlands of Africa

Nyala antelope, from southeastern Africa. These were the toughest to get decent picture as they like to hang out in the thickest brush.

And the largest Antelope in the world, the Eland, another African Antelope. The Bulls can weigh up to 2000#.

Blackbuck antelope, India

There are numerous nilgai herds, native to India on this ranch. These two nilgai bulls provided some 45 minutes of entertainment as they fought to stake their claim on an unseen nilgai cow. It all began when the two began to walk in a large circle, giving their opponent the evil eye.

The circle slowly tightened

As the bulls approached even closer

Then they raised their tails straight up, like a battle flag and the battle was joined

Talk about the stink eye...

Then, more suddenly than it had begun, the loser broke off the engagement and walked off into the brush, leaving the victor to strut in celebration of his victory.

Neither seemed any worse for the wear.

Lets see your favorite game pics now.

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