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#3311532 - 01/20/23 09:49 AM Re: 22-250 [Re: tractorman]
Bowhunt Offline
Die Hard Member

Registered: 11/28/15
Posts: 807
Loc: Illinois
Originally Posted By: tractorman
My TC venture is a lightweight. Mine is 204 but they had 22-250.

Hands down the best option in that price range! I wish they still made them. I have one in 22-250 and one in 270 win. Both are more accurate then you would believe. Lol
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#3311548 - 01/20/23 12:57 PM Re: 22-250 [Re: seasley]
pyscodog Offline
PM Junkie

Registered: 12/04/06
Posts: 16011
Loc: okla
If I would go with a T/C, I'd try to find an Icon. They were the top tier T/C and were really nice rifles. I use to have a 204 and a 243 and both shot really well. T/C's major down fall (to me) was no after market support. Trigger springs was about the size of it for their bolt action rifles aside from maybe a Boyd's stock. The Icon came in a nice stock so that was not needed. I sold both of mine to people that seem to want them more than me. Everything has a price. LOL!!

Today, a Tikka would be high on the list, but they are hard to find and the prices are way up. Next would probably be a Savage or Howa. Both of these have a pretty good reputation as good shooters and have lots of aftermarket accessories available. Maybe wait until Remington starts shipping their new Alpha 1's and try one of them. Seems they have some nice improvements. Basically its all depends on how much you want to spend.

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#3311614 - 01/20/23 07:48 PM Re: 22-250 [Re: seasley]
22magnum22 Online
Seasoned Member

Registered: 03/08/16
Posts: 149
Loc: oklahoma
I have a first year T/C Icon (2007) in 243. Beautiful wood and metal finish and very accurate with the 5R rifling that no one ever talks about. Very good trigger for varmints!

#3311822 - 01/22/23 05:29 PM Re: 22-250 [Re: seasley]
bigtommy Online
Die Hard Member

Registered: 03/29/12
Posts: 985
Loc: MN
I’d look for a tc Icon. I have an Icon in 243 and it shoots amazing groups. For new I’d look at Bergara, Tikka, and last savage.

#3311957 - 01/23/23 02:22 PM Re: 22-250 [Re: alf]
skinney Online

Registered: 12/21/09
Posts: 4061
Loc: South Dakota
Originally Posted By: alf
Originally Posted By: seasley
If you were in the market to buy a 22-250, what brand would you buy?

Imma 700 slut, so I'd put out the feelers for one in the classifieds.

I'm not necessarily a 700 guru, BUT facts are most all custom actions are blueprinted after a 700.

I would also go this route especially in this day in age where you can mod your rifle very easily. There's easy access to stocks, DBM, prefit barrels etc. etc. all that you can DIY and have a one of a kind custom.
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#3311996 - 01/23/23 07:02 PM Re: 22-250 [Re: pyscodog]
Coyotejunki Offline
PM senior

Registered: 04/03/04
Posts: 5283
Loc: MO
Originally Posted By: pyscodog
Originally Posted By: Hunt
8 twist Tikka T3x.

That would be first option....if you could find one.

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#3312961 - 02/01/23 07:43 AM Re: 22-250 [Re: seasley]
zr600 Offline
Die Hard Member II

Registered: 02/21/14
Posts: 1454
Loc: North dakota
My list would be bergara, tikka, Remington. Bergara uses Remington style triggers, so if you want to up grade just order like a Remington 700 trigger tech trigger, and scope mounts, I think there screw actions will bolt into a Remington inletted stock don’t know if they line up perfect. Tikka is starting to get more and more after market support.

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#3313013 - 02/01/23 04:21 PM Re: 22-250 [Re: seasley]
Terry Lightle Offline
Die Hard Member

Registered: 01/13/19
Posts: 544
Loc: Sand Springs,Okla
Some 8 twist Tikka 22-250 rifles on Gunbroker if you lean that way

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