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#3286582 - 11/29/21 06:35 PM Surpressor covers?
zr600 Offline
Die Hard Member II

Registered: 02/21/14
Posts: 1455
Loc: North dakota
Whoís running what for surpressor covers? I donít have one, my cousin has the two from silencer central the cheaper one and the more expensive newer one, the silencer central ones he canít get tight enough to not slid after he shoots, so he has to continually adjust it to be flush with the end of his can. Do they all do this or whatís your recommendations?

#3286609 - 11/29/21 09:33 PM Re: Surpressor covers? [Re: zr600]
Jerryrigged Offline
Seasoned Member

Registered: 11/25/21
Posts: 136
Loc: NE Ohio
I have been debating getting a cover for mine. Not sure of the benefit if only 1 or 2 shots at a time, not much mirage to contend with. But, have read they cut sound coming from the can very slightly.

#3286611 - 11/29/21 09:54 PM Re: Surpressor covers? [Re: zr600]
204 AR Online
PM senior

Registered: 01/31/10
Posts: 6219
Loc: Nebraska
I don't have a good one, but it shouldn't move around on you.

I had the girls sew one out of denim and wrapped it around tight and laced around it. Not fancy but it protects it from scratches and keeps mirage down and protects me from the heat. I would advise him to take some cord and wrap it around tight.
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#3286622 - 11/30/21 01:32 AM Re: Surpressor covers? [Re: zr600]
Pro_hunt Online
Die Hard Member

Registered: 01/09/07
Posts: 566
Loc: Nebraska
I have Armageddon Gear ones and am happy with them.

#3286652 - 11/30/21 01:52 PM Re: Surpressor covers? [Re: zr600]
wolverines Offline
Seasoned Member

Registered: 02/05/15
Posts: 198
Loc: MI
I have the SilencerCo one for my Hybrid46. I have noticed after 3 shot groups that it has slid forward a bit. Hasn't bothered me much.

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#3286687 - 11/30/21 09:56 PM Re: Surpressor covers? [Re: wolverines]
RZR800XC Offline
Junior Member

Registered: 11/26/14
Posts: 30
Loc: North Dakota
I've had covers from Black Hills Gear for both of my .30 cal cans and probably won't ever switch. They're great. With the grippy Nomex inside liner they don't slide, and easy to get tight with the velcro straps. Look them up on FB or his website.

#3287003 - 12/04/21 11:45 PM Re: Surpressor covers? [Re: zr600]
BrianID Offline
Seasoned Member

Registered: 12/03/18
Posts: 453
Loc: El Paso, TX/Idaho
I've used the Tab Gear SASR cover on my OSS and I've been happy with it. it fits very tight and I haven't had any significant issues with it shifting.

#3287767 - 12/12/21 04:44 PM Re: Surpressor covers? [Re: Pro_hunt]
BMP Offline
Seasoned Member

Registered: 06/27/10
Posts: 142
Loc: Iowa
Originally Posted By: Pro_hunt
I have Armageddon Gear ones and am happy with them.

X2 for the AG covers. I have both the high temp and standard. Both have been VERY durable.

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#3287946 - 12/14/21 02:11 PM Re: Surpressor covers? [Re: zr600]
emptymag Offline
Seasoned Member

Registered: 12/12/14
Posts: 428
Loc: Minnesota
TAB gear

#3288097 - 12/15/21 09:11 PM Re: Surpressor covers? [Re: zr600]
Indyote Offline
Seasoned Member

Registered: 01/19/12
Posts: 111
Loc: Indiana
TAB Gear

#3288918 - 12/24/21 08:00 PM Re: Surpressor covers? [Re: zr600]
The Surgeon Offline
Predator Master

Registered: 12/27/14
Posts: 83
Loc: Pin High


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