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#3276880 - 05/08/21 09:10 AM Double bearded gobbler with my 10 gauge 1873 Charles Daly and black powder loaded shells
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I bought the gun for $45 at a rummage sale back in the mid 90ís. The action was rusted shut, firing pins seized, and one hammer missing. I looked for original hammers for over two decades and finally gave up. I bought the closest looking hammers I could find from Dixie Gun Works and had my buddy whoís a gunsmith install them. I refinished the bluing amd wood over this past winter. About a month and a half ago I finally researched reloading 2 7/8Ē shells. I picked Fg DuPont powder to start with. I ordered nickel plated #6 BPI shot. I would have rather went with #5ís or #4ís but after trying RST #5ís and #6ís in 1 1/4 oz loads I wasnít impressed. I wanted as many pellets as I could get in my load. I started basically with a square load of 1 5/8oz #6s and a 116 grains of Fg. Then I backed down the powder charge to 100 grains and received a lot better pattern. I never chronograph down my load but was told itís probably around 900 FPS. First test I put 40 pellets in my turkey head target at 25 yards, 13 pellets at 40 yards, and 5 pellets at 50 yards. IMO beyond 45 yards #6ís run out of steam pretty quick.

Here is a pic from the day I tested it...

25 yards...


50 yards...

These were our of the left barrel. The right mist be made for close shots as it wide spreads patterns at very close ranges.

And my first try a quad pin rolled hulls. I used a cordless drill and held the hull in my hand. That will get old quick.

I went out opening day 2nd season on my property. I had tons of birds gobbling but all on the neighbors property. I figured since I removed over 60 raccoon and 17 possum last fall they might start migrating back over to my property to nest this season.

Gobbling started around 5:37am and quit at after about 7:15 am. I heard two shots a few miles away during the course of the morning. After about 8:30 AM I slowed down my calling and only called with a few light yeps once every half hour. At 10:45 AM I saw a bunch of turkeys fly into my woods edge from the field. I would assume a coyote bumped them like usual. I have shot 2 coyotes coming to my turkey calls in the same spot. When they landed I had one Tom gobble 4 times non stop abs another followed him up. I also had hens squawking everywhere. Must have been a good dozen and half or more turkeys less then 75 yards from me but I couldnít see them as it was brushy and I was sitting down hill from them on the ground. The toms kept gobbling at a boss hen helping but would not answer me. This went on for 15 minutes. I still couldnít see any birds. I finally gobbled with my diaphragm call and bingo! The Tom gobbled back immediately. This went on for another 15 minutes. Once over minute I would gobble and quietly Yelp with an instant response. I could hear the gobbling pacing back and forth following the hen. The stubborn hen would not come down by me no matter how much I tried to rile her up. In the meanwhile I had two other Toms coming from another direction! I had 4 Toms responding to my gobbling at once! I finally thought to myself to sound to good to be true and gobbled immediately following up with 2 yeps at the same time. One with my diaphragm and the other with my slate. Within 5 seconds Tom above me gave up on the boss hen and came on full strut. White head with blue spots. I picked up my gun, he picked up his head, I pulled the trigger, smoke cleared, and there he laid at 25 yards DRT. I waited 10 minutes for the other birds to leave and picked up my prize. When I did I had a Tom walk up within 20 yards from the other other direction. To bad I didnít have 2 tags for 2nd season! I had out my brand new DSD decoys and neither bird must have saw them or had any interest.

I knew this one was out there as I have had him on camera

I already mounted it up with a picture frame I had laying around

I have another season coming up next week but think Iíll use my browning gold 10 gauge this time around.

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#3276942 - 05/09/21 09:50 AM Re: Double bearded gobbler with my 10 gauge 1873 Charles Daly and black powder loaded shells [Re: Dultimatpredator]
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Congrats on great gun bargin, and a DANDY turkey taken with it.


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