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#3257968 - 11/19/20 11:44 AM Re: Custom Rifle Blueprints [Re: OldTurtle]
300WM Shooter Offline
New Member

Registered: 01/15/14
Posts: 5
Loc: Utah
BigHorn Origin SA w/20 MOA base and BigHorn Barrel nut
Proof Research Prefit 6.5 CM, Sendero, 22"
Manners EH1-A
Peircision Muscle Break hanging on the end, although I don't really shoot with it that much.
TrigerTech Primary
Vortex Viper PST Gen1 6-24x50
Warne steel rings

Sure has been fun to shoot, and doing well during load development with 130 gr Sierra Game Changers over RL16

#3266355 - 01/16/21 02:10 AM Re: Custom Rifle Blueprints [Re: Buster Hindend]
Zastava223rem Offline
Die Hard Member

Registered: 10/19/14
Posts: 821
Loc: Pennsylvania
Heres one you dont see every day. Most guys build on 700 actions, I decided to chop up my Mini Mauser when I was 12 years old to squeeze as much performance out of it. The factory barrel would sling bullets into a 1' to 2' group at 300 yards. No bueno.

I saved up a lot of money to have Douglas spin a 26" Premium Heavy 1:9 .223 Rem barrel on it. Boy did she shoot! Never bedded it or anything, just shot it like it was. Heres a picture a few years after having it "done".

Probably around 2011 was when it was started.

Heres a picture from January 2015

By now it had been Cerakoted and made daily trips with me in the back of the truck to highschool (worked on a farm daily after school). The first year I had worked there, I had shot over 60 groundhogs off that farm by mid summer and decided to quit counting. It was wearing a old Leupold Vari X II 3-9 that proved to work okay to 350 yards with some kentucky windage. I had save money that summer to buy a Vortex Viper PST 6-24x50 MIL FFP scope for it so I could finally dial for those far shots. $950 was a lot of money then but boy did it make a good upgrade!

I had experienced some humid days and the stock started to seem to shift the POI. It was thin to begin with and I felt I needed something else to support the weight of that chunky barrel. I ordered a Richards Microfit stock that was supposed to be "95%" but it was more like 50%. I put A LOT of time in sanding that thing and reprofiling it. It went through multiple iterations before finally getting it bedded by Seitzinger Riflesmith in West Newton PA.

I shot it for a while before reprofiling it AGAIN in summer of 2020. This marked the 3rd time that I spent about a week off and on sanding, grinding and shaving it down. Finally got it where it felt good and coated it again with a few good coats of TRU OIL.

Here is a picture from October/November 2020 getting it out at the range (new scope too) and load testing with different powder.
Happy to say, she still shoots as good as ever and it was the best group with this gun to date.

This rifle is very special to me given that I started it when I really started getting into centerfire shooting as a kid and it shows that good planning makes it still relevant today. I did all of the stock work, with some guidance from my dad with the exception of the bedding job. Douglas did the barrel work. Jon and Chris at Pittsburgh Cerakote did the cerakoting. Its worth noting, this action was never trued or lapped. Just as it came from the factory.

Specs as it sits today.

-Zastava Mini Mauser Action and Bottom Metal
-Douglas XX Premium Chrome Moly 26" 1:9 Twist Heavy Varmint 11 degree crown
-Richards Microfit stock (forget the model) Heavily modified and bedded
-Timney Trigger
-Old redfield One Piece base
-Leupold 30mm Medium Rings
-Leupold VX3i 6.5-20x50 Fine Duplex scope
-Tungsten and Titanium colored 2 tone Cerakote
Varmint Rifle Stable
-Sako 85S SS Varmint .22-250 Rem Vortex Gen II Viper PST 5-25x50
-Stiller TAC30 6MM Creedmoor 24" Bartlein Vortex LHT 3-15
-Mini Mauser Douglas 26" .223 Rem Leupold VX3i 6.5-20x50
-Tikka T3 CTR Scout .223/Leupold VX5HD 2-10

#3280814 - 08/21/21 10:24 PM Re: Custom Rifle Blueprints [Re: OldTurtle]
emptymag Offline
Seasoned Member

Registered: 12/12/14
Posts: 427
Loc: Minnesota
Winchester M70 LA
284 Winchester
Bartlein #3 8.7 twist at 24”
Factory trigger at 3lbs
Factory stock

#3288731 - 12/22/21 11:21 PM Re: Custom Rifle Blueprints [Re: OldTurtle]
Dr. J Offline
Seasoned Member

Registered: 12/22/04
Posts: 194
Loc: Utah
Defiance Deviant
Bartlein Sendero 24" 8 twist
Hawkins BDL BM
McMillian stock
Trigger Tech trigger
TBAC 6.5 Gen 2 Ultra 9

#3289480 - 12/31/21 05:47 PM Re: Custom Rifle Blueprints [Re: OldTurtle]
Matt_3479 Offline
Predator Master

Registered: 03/13/16
Posts: 53
Loc: Canada
I have a few other customs that get to see some use from time to time for coyotes but this has been the top for me. This season the 6 creed and 260 might sit for a bit while the 6bra and 25 creed will get some action.

20 tactical slinging 39gr blitzkings at 3950 and 35 bergers at 4000
KS arms SAR action
24” #5 1:10 twist benchmark
McMillan htg
Hawkins bdl
Tt diamond

260 rem with 140 hybrids
Stiller tac 30
Benchmark 1:8 twist rem varmint
McMillan a5
Ptg bdl
Jewel trigger

223 rem 40gr blitzkings
Bighorn tl3
26” mtu 1:8 twist
Krg bravo
Tt diamond

6mm creedmoor 105 hybrids 3100
Kelbly atlas tac
Bartlein 1:7.5 medium palms
Manners t5 mini chassis at the time
Tt diamond

Edited by Matt_3479 (12/31/21 06:45 PM)

#3289481 - 12/31/21 05:55 PM Re: Custom Rifle Blueprints [Re: OldTurtle]
viper Offline
Die Hard Member II

Registered: 05/03/07
Posts: 1301
Loc: Tucson, Arizona
That’s a nice looking rifle!!! The 6mm Creedmoor your other pictures did not come through.

#3289490 - 12/31/21 06:45 PM Re: Custom Rifle Blueprints [Re: viper]
Matt_3479 Offline
Predator Master

Registered: 03/13/16
Posts: 53
Loc: Canada
Originally Posted By: viper
That’s a nice looking rifle!!! The 6mm Creedmoor your other pictures did not come through.

Thank you post has been fixed

#3289617 - 01/01/22 08:14 PM Re: Custom Rifle Blueprints [Re: OldTurtle]
viper Offline
Die Hard Member II

Registered: 05/03/07
Posts: 1301
Loc: Tucson, Arizona
Well last year during the Pandemic lock down I decided to build up a Coyote rifle. I picked up a Howa Mini Action in 6.5 Grendel and a Bell and Carson stock. Some MDT bottom metal, and cut down a mag for flush mount. A Timmney 1.5# trigger and glass bedded. Took it to David Fink up at Gun Site in Arizona to have a new 6mm ARC Bartlien 3-B contoured 20” barrel put on, and have it blue printed. Waiting to get back and will attach some pictures and targets!! Keeping fingers crossed it all blends together nice and is a shooter.

#3289838 - 01/03/22 10:39 PM Re: Custom Rifle Blueprints [Re: OldTurtle]
pyscodog Online
PM Junkie

Registered: 12/04/06
Posts: 16068
Loc: okla
I started my new build this week-end buying a Sightron STAC scope, 4-20x50. Today, I sent my action to Douglas for a new barrel. Its a Sako action getting their Select Match SS barrel. It will be a 5A contour, .750 muzzle diameter, 24 inch long, 7.5 twist in 6 Creedmoor. The stock will be a factory Sako composite. And I'll keep the factory trigger but maybe replace the springs. Its already pretty good but may work on it a little more. Its a stainless action and a stainless barrel so I may have it coated. Possibly a new bolt handle as well.

Stay away from negative people, they have a problem for every solution.

#3294523 - 02/19/22 06:21 AM Re: Custom Rifle Blueprints [Re: OldTurtle]
Smokin250 Offline
Die Hard Member III

Registered: 06/18/08
Posts: 2676
Loc: South West, OH
My First Center Fire Rifle I Ever purchased back in the day, Re-Worked...again.

Been about a year waiting on parts, but my main night gun is finally back togeather.

700 SA
MPA ultra lite chasis
Proof carbon 22in 7twist Chambered in 22-250
Timney 2.5lb
Currently wearing nightforce 3.5-15. Normally Wears a Halo

Previously the rifle was a 7twist 22-250. But it had a green mountain straight taper 22" barrel, and Mcrees chasis. Some of you may remember seeing pics of it. It shot lights out for years, but just too heavy for my liking.

The rifle lost roughly 6lbs during this process, which is night and day.

Still need to work on load, but its back ready for night work.

#3296641 - 03/24/22 01:28 PM Re: Custom Rifle Blueprints [Re: OldTurtle]
Tim Neitzke Offline
Former Moderator

Registered: 02/04/04
Posts: 16120
Loc: Michigan
Looking good , Smokin...

Let's go Brandon !!

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