Hey yíall! Iím from Central Missouri. Our rifle opener here was the worst itís ever been weather wise. Hail. Rain. Tornado. Low pressure. It was absolutely awful. I did manage to bump a cool split brow buck and bust him. Our bow season was absolutely insane. I shot my PB, 2nd weekend. Iím just trying to gather as much info as I can, what are you guys seeing deer and movement wise? Itís been the weirdest last couple of weeks that Iíve ever seen. Everyone in know in the tri-county area isnít seeing a deer. Fresh cut corn. Beans. Turnips. Oak flats. Nothing. Itís been rough! crazy

Iím not sure how to uploads pics from my phone on here, but if someone lets me know then Iíll post the bucks!
Austin Laughlin - Laughlin Guide Service - Missouri

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