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#325196 - 10/31/05 03:18 AM How about a few good stories!
KeeKee Offline
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Loc: law co Ohio

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#325197 - 10/31/05 10:03 AM Re: How about a few good stories! [Re: KeeKee]
Elkeholic Offline
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Thought I would dig this one up.

Here are a few pics of some Coyotes we got on the San Carlos Reservation. We called 15 in in 3 days and had a blast. We only managed to kill 3 but hey thats hunting. The first one we setup on a hillside overlooking some pretty thick stuff and I started with the Fox Pro Caller with the Jackrabbit blues. After about 7 Minutes I started on the hand calls. After less than 1 minute this female showed up and my Brother (Dan) Squeaked and she stopped right in his crosshairs and he let her have it. We started packing the shotgun after all the missed opportunities we had that day.

The next day we setup on a hilltop that we called the day before, but figured we had been busted on the way in because a Coyote ran off as soon as we crested the hill. Anyway same thing as before I had the Fox Pro on the Woodpecker in Distress this time and nothing for about 5 Minutes, so I changed to the hand calls and within 1 Minute I hear this ground pounding behind me and turn to see what it was and a coyote was right behind me. He turned and headed down the center top of the ridge so I swung my gun up on him, but as I was looking to get him in my scope Dan swung the Mossberg 9200 with 00 Buck around stood up and fired all in one motion. Well the Coyote folded up big time. As I was watching that Coyote (know better than this) another Coyote was just headed over the end of the ridge Arg! missed opportunity. All in all a great hunt.

My buddy Steve in that picture above, just before that, he shot one with his shotgun and hit it pretty good but we could not find it quick so we moved on to the stand where we got this Male.

Jeff Holy and a special moment with Steve

had a great time in Globe guys, looking forward to next years hunt!

Anyway Good hunting......
It's not about the hunters weapon choice it's about the hunters choices in the field! "Lynn Haas 2005"


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