At TNVC & Night Goggles, we understand that your life may depend on our products, so we build products that you can depend on for life.

TNVC & Night Goggles has long been an industry leader in Night Vision and Visual Augmentation Systems (VAS) technologies with our flagship TNV-branded Night Vision Devices (NVD), providing high quality finished goods to military, law enforcement, and civilian enthusiasts alike.

TNVC, along with our sister company, Night Goggles, Inc., geared towards civilian hunting and outdoor adventure enthusiasts have already boasted one of the best warranties in the industry with our TNV and NGI branded NVDs, assembled from the highest quality components and tested in-house by our experienced techs, allowing us to maintain the highest standards for quality control and quality assurance.

We are therefore proud to announce that due to our overwhelming confidence in our products and workmanship that we will now be instituting a full, transferable, limited lifetime warranty on all of our TNV and NGI Night Vision Devices, including the TNV/PVS-14, TNV/RNVG, TNV/Sentinel, TNV/MOD-3B, TNV/DTNVG, and NGI/PVS-14 units.

From Victor DiCosola, TNVC’s President & CEO:
It has long been established our TNV night vision builds are the best the industry has to offer. It was an easy decision to give our valued customers who spend a good amount of money with us, peace of mind for a lifetime of use. TNVC will continue to listen to our customers’ needs and ensure their requirements are always met. Thank you for your continued confidence in our products in which many of our brave men and women in uniform across America have also come to trust for their mission needs.

This new Lifetime Warranty will be fully transferable from owner to owner of each device, ensuring that all users can remain confident in their equipment, whether purchased directly, from a dealer/distributor, or even on the second-hand market, allowing TNVC and NGI products to retain their value even after resale.

This new, limited lifetime warranty will cover the system housing for the life of the product as long as the components are still in production, as well a 10 year warranty on image intensifier tubes. And just because you bought your device yesterday, last month, or even last year, doesn’t mean you’re missing out! The new warranty will be retroactive to all devices assembled after 31 December 2017.