Was at my Class III FFL dealer hassling about two cans that have been on Form 4s for a year now and decided to go ahead with another custom Ruger 10-22 build.

So, got the Gemtech Mist integrally suppressed 10-22 barrel for my blank Ruger 10-22 receiver that soon will be a rifle.

This is the solid 10-22, not the shorter take down model.

It will have a FLIR RS-64 thermal scope on it to use either day or night!

Also got a .30 cal Harvester for my AAC .300 BLK upper for super and subs.

The Gemtech Mist is much quieter than any other suppressed .22 end can than I have ever tried out, it is real quiet, not just quiet, the ejected shell hitting the ground is louder than the rifle....plus the barrel is ported, so all high speed .22 LR ammo is subsonic all the time too!

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