Here is the results of the Champions Egg Shoot. This year there were only 4 of the past winners present. The same rules apply for each round shot as the regular egg shoot. There is no 2nd or 3rd place. The shooters were!!
1st Round
Matt Nix – 1953 - 22-250
Troy Weibe – Desert Ram – 223
Kerry Carver – CarverCalls – 22-250 AI
Mark Worden – Reb8600 – 204

At the end of the first round only 2 people hit the egg and advanced on.
Troy Weibe – Desert Ram
Mark Worden – Reb8600

In the 2nd round both shooters hit their egg so a third round was required. It was a one shot in 30 seconds and only one shooter at a time. Troy was the first shooter and missed his egg. Mark successfully hit his egg making him the 2016 Champions Cup winner. He will hold the traveling trophy for 1 year. At the next PM Convention it will be awarded to the new winner. The winner each year does get a small personal trophy to keep and usually wins a Fox Pro Shockwave. Thanks Fox Pro, it will be put to good use!!

I look forward to participating next year and hope that I can repeat the shooting I did this year. Everyone that shot are good shots!!
2015 Egg Shoot Champion

Egg Shoot Champion of Champions