This is the story for the kids egg shoot. We had 4 shooters this year and I really hope to see this grow. It is the same rules as the adult except that they use 22 LR rifles at 50 yards and there is no time limit.

I would like to thank Savage for donating the rifles that we use for the kids as well as SnowmanMo and his partner for the 22 LR ammo they gave us. I would like to say that I was impressed with the shooting from these kids. They are the future of hunting and Predator Masters. I hope to still be here when they are shooting the adults shooting match.

First 3 rounds all 4 kids shot. In the first 2 rounds all the kids hit their eggs. Great shooting!!
Cameron McFarland
Colton McFarland
Regan Wiebe
Erick Wiebe

In the 4th round we were down to 3 shooters. In this round only 2 hit theirs egg.
Erik Wiebe
Regan Wiebe
Colton McFarland
3rd place went to Regan Weibe

In the 5th round it was one shot for each kid. There was only one hit in this round.
Erik Wiebe
Colton McFarland

Final results were
1st Place – Colton McFarland
2nd Place - Erik Weibe
3rd place - Regan Weibe

We finished up about noon and everyone had the rest of the day to do what they wanted. The evening raffle and awards banquet was going to start at 5:00 pm.
2015 Egg Shoot Champion

Egg Shoot Champion of Champions