I'm gonna give Guess a thumbup on that reply... you never really know with hogs.

I've shot one and had all of them, not just the group the one hog was with, but more than one group, move, for days/weeks. And, on the other hand, I've had them come back in a matter of minutes. The video up there offers some sound advice, if you take out the alpha sow, they will generally be back in minutes looking for her.

In my experience...

- If you shoot once, they're likely to be back in minutes; sit tight and give them a half hour. Pay close attention to sounds behind your stand, it's not uncommon for them to try and flank you.

- If you shoot 2 - 3 times, they probably won't be back very soon; go gut your hog(s), if you didn't drop one, go home and drink beer.

- If you don't take out the alpha sow, she's subject to lead them away, even if you do shoot only once.

- If you have more than one sounder coming to the feeder at various times of the night, the others may or may not be there later, depends upon how close they were when you shot.

- They're hogs, and they got a mind all their own; all of the above may or may not hold water, on any given day.
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