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#236783 - 01/20/04 09:33 AM What a Great time.......
purdygood Offline
Die Hard Member II

Registered: 09/24/01
Posts: 1277
Loc: Foster,Oklahoma
Globe Az. What a great time.............

We ,Tommy Johnson,Larry Timmons and I arrived at the Comfort Inn about 4:30pm.Tommy and I made Larry drive all the way due to our adventures Wednesday night(Tommy kept me out hunting bobcats all night).

We got settled in and started meeting everyone and and arranging details for the following days hunts.

Fridays hunt I was partnered up with Shoot To Kill.We started out hoping to have some good luck would have it as soon as we got out of the vehicle we had multiple coyotes sounding off all around us.we got set up ,I placed Ryan with his 223 downwind of me and I began calling as soon as it was light enough to shoot.As I was callling I noticed the wind began to swirl.Anyways after the second series on the call two coyotes came in downwind of Ryan got a whif of him slammed on the brakes and turneed tail outta there not giving him a shot.

We decided to walk up a ridge for the next few stands and see how we could do.I set Ryan up about 50 yards downwind of me and I started the stand out with a howl,waited and then blew a tune on the mini blaster.After only a few seconds we heard a group of coyotes start to do the group howls and yips.I waited as I listened to them play grab ass with each other just over the ridge from me.We could here them running back and forth growling and yipping and chasing each other.Then I blew some ki-yi's on the call and enticed 3 of them to come over the ridge towards me, the first one came in and went to my left outta sight and the other two came on in and I decided to take tha shot at the one that was going to my left.I shot 3 times with my 870 missing and then Ia few seconds later I hear SHOOT TO KILL's gun sound off.We both missed.

We made a few more stands that were dry decided to eat and then hit it again that afternoon.

We had a couple dry stands and then found a rather large open area that looked like it would produce.This time I had my AR and Ryan had his .308.We got set up ,Ryan set in some bushes about 60 yards to my downwind side,I plopped down in front of some tumble weeds afainst a fence and began calling with the mini blaster.At the 15 minute mark I noticed a coyote come out of the weeds and stand there looking for that hurting rabbit.I started lip squeeking (I almost sucked my lips down my throat) to no avail.The coyote turned broadside I steadied my gun and waited wondering if SHOOT TO KILL could see and take the shot,he couldn't see the coyote ,so I shot seeing dust and fur fly and the coyote go down motionless I hit some ki-yi's for about 40 seconds thinking I could pull another coyote into the open.Only to see what I thought was another coyote go running thru my scope and into the weeds.I looked back to the one that was on the ground and he was gone .

We continued to call and had a lot of vocal coyotes but weren't able to get any into the calls.I got dark on us as we walked back to the vehicle and headed back to town.

All in all we had a purdygood day and I really enjoyed hunting and visiting with Ryan (SHOOT TO KILL)I wish we had a little more to show for it.

Saturday Curt Matz and Donovan were partnered with me. We had planned on getting an early start but it was raining before daylight and we decided to wait it out at the motel(napping).

We headed out onto the reservation again to call some washes and flats.We called all day I showed Curt and Donovan how to make dry stands .We seen one coyote all day and that was as we were driving to another stand.The critters were just not cooperating at all.It wasn't for lack of trying on our part either.We all made light of our success(or lack there of).Curt and Donovan were a pleasure to meet and hunt with.Donovan can sure tell some stories,he had me laughing all day.Curt was kinda quiet but chimed in to.I really enjoyed the day even though we never fired a shot,I guess that's why it's called hunting.

I didn't hunt Sunday,I slept in.I had to rest after trying to keep up the past two days with them youngun's.

The get together sunday in the Country Kitchen was a total sucess and it was just the icing on the cake for the whole weekend.

This was my first year to attend the annual hunt and it is an experience I will not forget.There was a lot of work that went into making the hunt a success and I would like to thank everyone that took part.I enjoyed meeting everyone and putting faces with screen names.The moderators and staff at PM out done themselves.Thanks

I can't wait till next years hunt.

Get R Done

#236784 - 01/20/04 12:15 PM Re: What a Great time.......
Tommy Johnson Offline
Retired PM Staff

Registered: 05/10/01
Posts: 4807
Loc: Midland, Texas
I guess you "young uns" really put the whoop on Ray. He slept from Lordsburg NM to Fort Hancock TX. Larry thought it would be a good time to try the AP-7, but we didnt want him jumping through the roof.

It was a good time.

#236785 - 01/20/04 10:36 PM Re: What a Great time.......
Seasoned Member

Registered: 02/18/03
Posts: 475
tommy ,it wasnt my ideal to walk across the res lol.i would have had to try the was nice to meet you .when i get down to pg's maybe we can head your way for a day.later donovan

#236786 - 01/25/04 08:38 AM Re: What a Great time.......
fshaheen Offline
Seasoned Member

Registered: 06/12/01
Posts: 184
Loc: Levelland, TX USA
Hey Ray

Sounds like you guys had a great time. Sure wish I could've been there. Maybe next year. We went up to Miami, TX for a 3 day hunt. It was unbelievable. Only got to hunt for 2 days cuz Norm got sick and I had to bring em home. We ended up callin 31 otes and dirted 13. We hunted non-stop for almost 30 hours. Well almost non-stop, we did nap between calls and I dozed on one stand to wake up and see 2 dogs across the ridge wondering what that snoring noise was. Give me a call and fill me in on Globe. Good Huntin!
See ya, F. E. "Aim small, miss small" Mel Gibson The Patriot


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