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#235468 - 12/18/01 11:46 AM PM 2001 - Saturday PM hunt with Tom and Glenn Moore
Rich in AZ Offline
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Registered: 04/21/01
Posts: 1579
Loc: Mesa, Az.
Since Tom hasn't posted his version of events, too bad, you get mine. Tom and Glenn arrived at my house Fri eve. about 9 pm after 36 hrs. without sleep. He and Glenn were game enough to stay up and visit with Leonard, Lochi, Aaron and Tyler and me and watch videos for a while anyway. Sat. A.M. we got a late start and didn't arrive at the hunt area until the sun was well up. A coyote crossed the road ahead of us, we pulled over behind a hill, climbed to the top and invited him over, he declined. We continued on to a large wash that runs thru the area for miles. Leonard and Lochi called one side of it ,we called the other side a mile or so further up. A nice looking 4 year old male responded to an AP6 crossing about 150 yds. of a fairly open field. Glenns rifle was topped with way too much scope and he missed a 30 yard head on shot. The coyote peeled out for 3 o'clock and Tom made an absolutely beautiful 150 yard running shot with that sweet Weatherby. We made 3 dry stands using Toms WT on 2 and me on a Sceery on 1. Leonards party pulled up at the last stand and we took a break and discussed events. Seems the same type of stands appeal to both of us and Leonard and party called in the same place we had just called and left. He did get a coyote to bark at him. We went our seperate ways. At our next stand a coyote ran in, didn't like it and peeled off. A few minutes later another came running in on a mission. Tom shot it center of chest about 10 yards out and it cartwheeled in. Tried a dandy looking wash next, but blanked. At sundown we set up next to railroad tracks I called one in to the right of us but it busted us immediately. A few minutes later one came in at a steady , deliberate walk from straight in front of us. Glenn raised his shotgun and at 35 yds pulled the trigger. Empty chamber. Racked a round in and shot at the coyote as it was disappearing in the brush. 00 buck leaves coyote size holes in the pattern at that range. This coyote found one. Went home. Visited with everyone. Sunday morn. I took Tom and Glenn to a favorite area that has always produced big time. Blanked on 3 or 4 stands, can't remember which. I was becoming very sick by that time and a lot of Sunday is kinda fuzzy.Tom and Glenn left my home Sun nite heading for Yuma where they planned to spend the nite and do some calling Monday. Tom , how did you do in Yuma?

#235469 - 12/18/01 11:58 PM Re: PM 2001 - Saturday PM hunt with Tom and Glenn Moore
22-250 Offline
Predator Master

Registered: 08/23/01
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Loc: Southern California
Actually, it was a little over 40 hours without sleep, including one entire day at work, ten and half hours of night driving, and 19 stands on the reservation with Craig Hamilton, but who is counting?

We had a great time, learned a lot, asked a lot questions and both of us have caught the predator fever. Glenn was able to get his first coyote with Craig on Friday and his second at the sixteenth stand. We had a 100 kill ratio, with one coyote on every fourth stands.

Saturday and Sunday with Rich was great too. I got extremely lucky with my first shot and the second one at ten yards was pretty hard to miss. We also were batting 100% until Glenn pulls the trigger on an empty chamber. Live and learn.

Before the hunt my wife had been badgering me for a couple of weeks, that I was becoming additive to Predator hunting. I got my first Bobcat three weeks before the PM hunt and I was practing calling all the time around the house, in the car, wherever. So when I checked my message on Sunday afternoon, I was really surprise that my badger wanted me to come home and take care of a coyote that had attempted to carry off her 12 pound Jack Russell terrier “ Barretta”. The coyote had snatched Barretta within twenty feet of my wife when she was feeding her three horses on Saturday morning. Lucky for Barretta, her 18-pound brother “Ruger” grabbed the coyote on one of its rear legs would not let go.

Within twenty yards, Mr. Coyote must have decided that with 30 pounds of dead weight, he was going to lose the foot race between him and my wife. He released Barretta and Ruger release his lock on the coyote a couple of yards further. All were safe and sound; excepting Barretta had one puncher wound on her back and a severely hurt pride. Ruger was the hero of the day.

With all of this trouble at home, Glenn and I decided to not stop in Yuma and drove straight home and try to deal with the coyotes in our back yard. We made three stands around our house with the WT, and hand calls, but no luck. The coyotes would howl and bark but would not show themselves out of the heavy brush. I continue calling for five days with no results in coyotes. Did call in two foxes. But in San Diego County, there is no open season on foxes. Going to try a trap this weekend. Open for any other ideals or solutions.


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