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#235463 - 12/15/01 10:11 AM PM 2001 - Fri. hunt with Pauk Wait and Lochi
Rich in AZ Offline
Die Hard Member II

Registered: 04/21/01
Posts: 1579
Loc: Mesa, Az.
I'm assuming Lochi has said nothing about the hunt because Paul is writing an article about it in the magazine and Lochi doesn't want to step on it so I won't either. I will share my impressions and slightly off the wall view of the time I got to spend with these guys. I picked up Lochi from the airport at 6:30 Wed eve. I had expected someone short and plump and bald from the pictures posted on his website. Kinda surprised when I was approached by a 6 ft. 2 muscular man with a military haircut. Lochi spent the next 4 nites at my home ( Leonard and Aaron stayed 4 nites and Paul stayed only one and Tom and Glenn Moore stayed 2 nites) and my whole family just loved this guy. He is full of fun stories, quick wit and boundless enthusiasm for hunting. Thurs he relaxed around the house watching calling videos and visiting with us. Paul arrived late afternoon and we took care of licenses and groceries for the next day. Leonard pulled in late that nite but in time for beer, pizza, videos and bull. We were on stand at first light Fri. morning Lochi and Paul each borrowed a T.C. Contender. Lochi had a custom job in .223 with Leupold 3X9. Paul had a .17 K-Hornet 5 lb. carbine with the same scope. Neither one was familiar with a Contender which didn't fare well with their shooting. Tyler nor I carried a gun any of the 3 days. Tyler videoed the action and I did the calling. I called in 11 coyotes on 10 stands Fri. 6 came in on the first stand. We lied to them properly and brought them in one after another over a 15 minute period. I used distress calls both prey and coyote, Leonards magic mist formula, three types of howls and had the second to last coyote, an alpha male responding to challenges that was on such sensory overload that when I positioned him 30 yds standing in front of us and when 2 shots were fired at him missing, he peeled out to the left ran in about a 150 yd circle as I worked him with the calls and howler, and put him back in the same spot, 30 yds out where he stood sniffing the breeze and looking us over for more than 1 minute (on video). That sequence alone made my day. Lochi was an absolute pleasure to hunt with. Every once in a while you find a hunting buddy that you are completely comfortable with because he reflects your sense of ethics and enthusiasm for the sport and is just plain a pleasure to be around. That's Lochi. Paul was on assignment and very professional but couldn't help but get caught up in the excitement and the pure joy of chasing critters in this beautiful state. We hunted until dark went home met with Tom and Glenn, Leonard and Aaron for more videos, beer and stories. A good time with good companions. I hope you all come back. I'll let Lochi ad Paul fill in the gaps.

#235464 - 12/15/01 10:26 AM Re: PM 2001 - Fri. hunt with Pauk Wait and Lochi
NASA Offline
PM is my life

Registered: 04/22/01
Posts: 9179
Loc: 40.02N/105.25W
Rich, I had no idea you folks had so much excitement going on over there. I can't wait for Pauls article. How many minutes did you get on video? Enough to make it worth it to sell us some copies?

#235465 - 12/15/01 01:58 PM Re: PM 2001 - Fri. hunt with Pauk Wait and Lochi

Yeah, spending some time with the Higgins, and guests was quite an experience, reminding me of barracks life, air mattresses scattered everywhere, like a big slumber party. Rich isn't kidding about the videos, he has them, and I'm now unable to claim that I haven't seen any of them, except the one made by my pal, JH....haha.

I know he was antsy to get started Friday morning, and Aaron and I spent considerable time chasing down a junior non-res license for him, and wound up not contacting Rich and his charges for the rest of the day. Fortunately, I had consulted with him over the phone, both with Delormi Gazateers, and had a fair idea of where I needed to be.

Nothing against Rich, and we saw so much sign, I had to believe him...but, didn't call a coyote the entire day. Worse day of hunting I have ever experienced in Arizona. To add to the frustration, within 300 yards of pulling off onto dirt, we saw four coyotes standing in an alfafa field. While we were unloading gear and loading guns, in full view of said coyotes, they were doubling the distance. By the time I decided it was a waste of time and effort best spent elsewhere, I couldn't be sure they were coyotes, until I checked them through the scope. So much for my calling abilities.

The next day, we tried some equally good looking stuff, bumping into Rich and his guests occasionally, but still coming up empty, until the last stand of the day, or to be more precise, well past (anything but hardcore) shooting light.

Total for two days (plus two stands of a third) of steady calling; two coyotes called and both killed. Just one of those things. I hold no disrespect for Rich's areas, and I meant it when I said that I would hunt those areas again. However, until now, I never clarified my meaning because I never abuse a man's hunting spots. I only intended to convey that I could see the potential, and we just had a run of bad hunting luck.

All in all, things went fast and pleasant, and in no time, we were on our way home Monday morning. Rich made a outstanding effort, and played generous host.

In fact, (take note) Rich Higgins is an untapped resource, he knows coyote hunting and his State as well as anybody I know; and I would know of what I speak. Anyone needing information on hunting Arizona should consider his advice, which he is sure to offer without reservation. A man would be a fool not to. I'm probably embarassing the hell out of him, and I apologize for that, but it's the truth. Hey, he uses a howler a lot better than I do, I'll share that much. Makes his own, on a level favorable with the work of Rick Cronk; samples of which, I have examined. All in all, a multi-talented guy, and expert coyote hunter.
(only guy I know, that hunts coyotes in the off season with paintball?)

Rich: don't be mad at me for spilling the beans. Enjoy your celebrity status, you can thank me later.

Good hunting. LB

No, I'm not kidding him, or anybody else.

#235466 - 12/17/01 04:33 AM Re: PM 2001 - Fri. hunt with Pauk Wait and Lochi
Lochi from Africa Offline
Seasoned Member

Registered: 04/23/01
Posts: 288
Loc: Johannesburg, South Africa
Thank you for those kind words, but I'm afraid it is your personality that makes other people look OK. You have been far more that just "supportive" to me. Your house was my house ("me casa es su casa?) indeed. Thank you sir.
Your son is priveleged to have you as his buddy. So are you wife and daughter.

What Leonard says about an uptapped source is very true. Rich called me several coyotes in a short while. I got one, but with better shooting skills would have had plenty more.
And Leonard did not mention how he called in the man with the steel pipe on javelina distress!

#235467 - 12/17/01 08:37 AM Re: PM 2001 - Fri. hunt with Pauk Wait and Lochi

Yeah, since you mention it, that was a little weird.

Started innocently enough, we were driving farm roads, next to canals and melon patches. Happened to stop at a crossroad to get my bearings, checking the map. Right in front of us was a pretty good scarecrow, on the corner, to which I paid not much attention, at the time....but I'm sure it was a scarecrow.

So, we continued, went through a gate onto State Trust Land, and wound up running out of road in short order.

Crossed a good size wash, and set up onthe other side. Late in the day, been up since five, and I was getting a little distracted when I suddenly noticed a figure standing on our side of the wash, maybe fifty yards out.

My first thought was how did I miss that? Dressed in the same colors, white and red, standing there, arms down, but still away from the body. It didn't take long to realize that it was human, and he was staring intently at the source of the sound, which was under a bush, with camo netting covering the whole thing.

From where I was, I quickly silenced the machine, and I could see that the guy was even more perplexed. I made a snap judgement that I had called in an illegal, since they are common enough in many areas of Arizona. So, I stood up, and he was startled for a brief instant, and almost immediately relaxed. Then I saw the three foot pipe in one hand and the club in the other.

Turned out that he had a small horse ranch just up the road, and across the wash, and indeed, knew what a distressed javalina sounded like. We talked a bit, and he offered a suggestion, which we took; thanking him in fading light. The spot looked good and smelled "coyote" but we didn't see a thing. All day long, good looking stuff, and the best we did was call in a man, in total wilderness, looking to break up a fight! Come to think of it, he was the second man we called in, that day. The first had a gun and a badge, but that's another story.

On the other hand, those are the things remembered, not the routine kills, on routine stands.

Good hunting. LB


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