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#235410 - 12/04/01 05:30 PM Will Craig Award
Tasha Offline
Seasoned Member

Registered: 04/21/01
Posts: 310
Loc: Maine
The first annual Predator Masters Hunt marked the presentation of the first annual Will Craig Award. Congratulations to Randy Watson, the winner of this years award. The moderators of Predator Masters voted for an individual who they felt had worked to make Will Craig's dream of Predator Masters, an organization dedicated to the betterment and furtherment of predator calling.

The award was presented at the hunt and the following speech was presented by Bill Gardner of Extreme Dimension Wildlife Calls:

"Thank you for coming to the first annual Predator Masters Hunt. Itís a pleasure for me to be here. Unfortunately, I am here, but the award is not! We had a little snag in the delivery system and so the plaque was detoured by a Midwest snowstorm. Iím told itís very attractive so just use your imagination and visualize a walnut plaque, about this big.
I have the honor of announcing this yearís winner of the Will Craig Award. The Will Craig Award recognizes the efforts and accomplishments of a Predator Masters member for the furtherment of predator hunting, and the furtherment of Will Craig's dream for the Predator Masters organization". The fine moderators of the Predator Masters forums nominate worthy recipients and final vote was held for the winner.
I think the best way to describe Willís dream is to use his own words. The following is a combination of two emails sent to my wife, Tasha and myself by Will Craig in February of this past year.
Will wrote: ďI have a proposal for you guys.
Iíve registered the domain name of Predator Masters. I am trying to implement a long held dream of mine: an organization exclusively for predator callers. So far there isnít such a beast and I think the sport of predator calling has increased to the point where it would support such a concept. You know, something similar the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation but for predator callers.
Iím in the process of designing a new website for Predator Masters and think a forum for the site is vital. I propose to you that since you already have a board, that we transfer it over to Predator Masters. We list you guys as the sponsor for the board and try to attract other predator calling related products and services advertising.
If you agree, Iíd like to recruit some of those whom I consider to be the top in their field when it comes to calling or knowledge about predators to act as moderators. Once everything is in place, weíd generate a massive mailing list to make predator callers aware of the new site.
We could also have a quarterly edition of an online magazine that addresses all calling subjects, reloading, new products, etc.
Yes there are some good boards out there already, so why Predator Masters?
Iíve noticed several things about predator callers but they all seem to have the overwhelming trait of loyalty to certain things like, the message board they visit, the particular caller they use, rifle, camo, etc.
I firmly believe that predator callers want to belong to something that they can contribute to and support, and something that will support them in return. The message boards give them such a place but the identification stops the minute they logoff the board. The assorted message boards out there are basically like oneís favorite watering hole where people get together and swap a few stories and then they all go their own way.
I envision Predator Masters as a sport specific organization with the intent of promoting and protecting the sport of predator calling throughout North America. My dream includes a web site full of "how to information," "state by state info, political issues, and an online magazine. Also in time promotional items like hats, decals, membership cards, etc. predator callers would fight to get their hands on such things because there is nothing out there yet that gives callers the type of identity I envision. Paid Predator Master members would be given discounts on calls, and other items, from vendors wanting to increase their web sales.
On the subject of the message board, I intend to recruit the best of the best as moderators. I think the board should be the A to Z in predator calling and calling big game animals. Iíd like to develop a method where we could contact a vast number of predator callers, via email, to attract them to the site once its up and running. I think a web site that offers the best in design, graphics, and content, I conjunction with the message board, will blow the others off the map in a short period of time.
I think the mission of Predator Masters should be to inform callers on the various calling methods and the equipment used and let the individual caller makeup their own mind as to which product they buy. Predator Masters must promote the sport of calling and that includes the promotion of equipment that makes the sport possible. Personally, I think there is enough room for all equipment makers to become part of the equation. I think it is in the best interest for all call makers to unite behind Predator Masters because political unity is needed to address the concerns of the industry; issues that often effect the predator caller will impact the call maker down the road. The gun-makers and reloading industry have such an organization to protect their interest, so why not the call making folks?

Yes there are many things to think about and discuss, I know I donít have all the answers, but merely this dream that Iíve held to myself for a long time. This was the original intent of the Shade Tree and Posse Country but everyone keeps waiting for someone else to do something. I realize that I canít do it by myself but with the help of a few we should be able to attract others to join our cause.Ē
Before I announce the winner, I want to thank ALL of the people who helped Will realize his dream. Rita, thank you for allowing your husband to give so much of his time and resources. To the moderators, thank you for your efforts in helping with the administration and monitoring of the board, for your efforts in organizing this hunt, but most of all for being the ďbest of the bestĒ that Will had envisioned, sharing your knowledge with those who are just being introduced to the sport.
And the envelope please This years winner of the Will Craig Award is Randy Watson. Randy couldnít make it to this years hunt, and doesnít know that he is the winner. On behalf of Extreme Dimension Wildlife Calls, and the Predator Masters team, Congratulations Randy!"

#235411 - 12/04/01 05:37 PM Re: Will Craig Award
AzWill Offline
Die Hard Member

Registered: 04/20/01
Posts: 568
Loc: Globe - Arizona
Congratulations Randy. You are doing a great job! Will would be proud. Thank You.

#235412 - 12/04/01 05:39 PM Re: Will Craig Award
RanUtah Offline
Retired PM Staff

Registered: 04/23/01
Posts: 5278
Loc: Taylorsville, Utah, and Manage...
Congrats Randy!!!!!!

#235413 - 12/04/01 06:05 PM Re: Will Craig Award
purdygood Offline
Die Hard Member II

Registered: 09/24/01
Posts: 1277
Loc: Foster,Oklahoma
Way to go Randy! Congrats!

"Any bad day huntin' is bettern any good day workin'"

"If they run they will only die tired"

#235414 - 12/04/01 06:47 PM Re: Will Craig Award
Jason El Paso Offline
Former Admin / Pro-Staff Advisor

Registered: 04/21/01
Posts: 4184
Loc: Denton,Texas
OK RANDY you are the KING of the NIGHT

#235415 - 12/04/01 07:15 PM Re: Will Craig Award

Will we be seeing you at any boat-shows or any gunshop "grandopenings" as part of your new duties as the 2001 recipient ? (jus kiddin, haha)

Seriously, Congratulations Randy...


#235416 - 12/04/01 07:15 PM Re: Will Craig Award
Mike Paul Offline
Retired PM Staff/Advisor

Registered: 04/20/01
Posts: 4448
Loc: Up by South Mountain, Utah
I will be talking to you soon...
Congratulations, MP


#235417 - 12/04/01 07:33 PM Re: Will Craig Award
Critr Gitr Offline
Retired staff

Registered: 04/21/01
Posts: 2456
Loc: Oak Ridge, TN
Hey, congratulations, Randy!!!!


#235418 - 12/04/01 07:36 PM Re: Will Craig Award
Dogboy Offline
PM is my life

Registered: 04/22/01
Posts: 6010
Loc: Oak Hills, Ca
Congrats Randy, you the man!!!!!!!

#235419 - 12/04/01 08:00 PM Re: Will Craig Award

Ahh Randy....The Nightstalker, Congrats Randy!!


#235420 - 12/04/01 08:04 PM Re: Will Craig Award

Randy you deserved it, if anyone embodies what this place is about it is you.

#235421 - 12/04/01 08:44 PM Re: Will Craig Award
Lonny Offline
Die Hard Member II

Registered: 04/20/01
Posts: 1598
Loc: Lewiston, Idaho USA
Thank you Randy for all the time, patience,and hard work you put into Predator Masters. You may not realize it but, all of us across the country appreciate it very much. Thanks again. Lonny


#235422 - 12/05/01 12:35 AM Re: Will Craig Award
jeep Offline
Seasoned Member

Registered: 04/20/01
Posts: 335
Loc: Las Cruces, New Mexico, USA
good job randy, and congrads..

#235423 - 12/05/01 05:01 AM Re: Will Craig Award
Calypso Offline
Die Hard Member II

Registered: 04/21/01
Posts: 1707
Loc: Hondo, Texas USA
Hey Randy,

You da man!!!



God Bless Texas!

#235424 - 12/05/01 06:46 AM Re: Will Craig Award
Randy Watson Offline
Die Hard Member III

Registered: 04/21/01
Posts: 2188
Loc: Midland,Texas
WOW. I just checked in and I am SHOCKED!!! I've been real busy with deer hunters and have only checked in enough to take care of the night hunting forum. I really didn't expect this. Thank you guys, although I don't feel I deserve this honor, it is one that I will cherish my whole life. I remember back in the summer, when Will called me to share his vision with me, it was incredible to see this dream come to pass.I am proud to have been a part of it. You moderators have become my friends and for that I am truly thankful. I really look forward to visiting with each of you personally one day.You are all like my family and this board has made that possible. Thank you. Thank you Bill and Tasha for the time and money ya'll put in to keep this board alive and you guys will never really know how important this is to all of us. This board has become a reason for my existence online and still get excited when I see a new topic or question pop up.I have learned a ton since it all started and still learn everyday. Most of all, Thank you Rita and Matt, for letting us share Will with you. He has done something absolutely awesome here and I know he is proud. I recall all the good stuff that has happened here, but still remember sitting in front of my computer screen with tears rolling down my eyes, when I learned we had lost him. I don't think I had realized how much he meant to me until that time. I know the coyotes in heaven must have gotten out of hand, so God called the best to help. GOD BLESS WILL CRAIG!!! I want to be able to hand over the award next year to the new recipient and I PROMISE..I will uphold the morals and dream that Will had. This is indeed a TRUE HONOR.Thank you... Randy

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