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#2230053 - 06/06/12 07:52 PM Tuition Drop For Illegals
azmastablasta Offline
PM Junkie

Registered: 12/13/07
Posts: 14187
Loc: Arizona
Wow I knew Denver was left of center but it appears they're the Berkely of the midwest. Out of state citizens get blasted while illegals get a pass. What's up with this?

Tuition Drop for Undocumented Students in Colorado?

Published June 06, 2012
Fox News Latino

After Republican state lawmakers this year again blocked legislation to reduce college tuition for undocumented students, Metro State College of Denver is considering doing just that on its own.

The proposal, which would cut what undocumented students currently pay by more than 50 percent, will be considered Wednesday at a joint meeting of the board of trustees academic affairs and finance committees.

If it's recommended, the school's Board of Trustees would likely vote on it Thursday.

Metro State's President, Dr. Steven Jordan, is supporting the proposal, which would create a third category of tuition for students that spent at least three years in a Colorado high school and graduated with a diploma or general equivalency diploma in the state.

If Metro's Board of Trustees approve special tuition rate, undocumented students would pay $6,716.60/year. That's slightly more than in-state tuition at $5,792.40/year, but considerably less than out-of-state tuition at $15,985.20/year.

That's a concern for a Republican State representative who says Metro may be breaking federal law offering immigrants lower tuition than those out of state.

My heart goes out to undocumented students. They don't want to be where they're at. But this is a federal law we're complying with, says Rep. Cheri Gerou of Evergreen.

Legislative analysts estimated earlier this year that the bill dubbed Colorado ASSET would impact about 500 illegal immigrants across Colorado.

A majority of those live in Denver and would likely consider Metro State.

I'm working on getting in-state tuition. But for the undocumented students, it's a great opportunity for them,says Metro State junior Stephanie Chorkawciw of Chicago.

I don't hate those that want to come over here for a better life. But I do support the laws we have. We need to follow those, says Metro State freshman Luke Faulkner.

Republicans at the Capitol widely opposed the legislation, arguing that it would incentivize more illegal immigrants to come to Colorado and pointing out that, without a path to citizenship at the federal level, there's no way for these students to work legally once they graduate from college.

Read more:

Tolerance is the virtue of a man without convictions.

You can lead a man to knowledge but you can't make him think.

Wise men argue causes; fools decide them. Anacharsis

#2230054 - 06/06/12 07:55 PM Re: Tuition Drop For Illegals [Re: azmastablasta]
Ivers Offline
Die Hard Member

Registered: 08/04/07
Posts: 704
Loc: Nebraska
I think they should do it. Heck, Colorado should not only give them lower tuition, it should give them FREE tuition, FREE housing, FREE medical, FREE food, and $2000 in cash every month.

Then maybe all the illegals will just move to Colorado.

Liberals are irrational.

#2230124 - 06/06/12 09:52 PM Re: Tuition Drop For Illegals [Re: azmastablasta]
BubbaChicken Offline
Die Hard Member

Registered: 04/28/12
Posts: 534
Loc: Tennesee, USA
The problem, Ivers, is not that they would not get a statewide dose of crap from it (as you intimated, they surely will), but that you and I by use of income taxes will foot the bill for the dodged student loans, as well as all the social services and bailouts that will ensue. If you think chasing down a student loan to a citizen is hard, try doing it in the case of an illegal alien (yes, I do not use the term "undocumented", it is an ILLEGAL ALIEN). Here is a better option, let em apply, verify that they are illegal in the application process, then DEPORT THEM! How is THAT for a fix!

#2230239 - 06/07/12 02:05 AM Re: Tuition Drop For Illegals [Re: azmastablasta]
PaleRider Offline
Seasoned Member

Registered: 10/06/08
Posts: 190
Loc: Kansas
Bubba, you are exactly right, its going to be the in-state and out of state students that end up paying for the tuition drop for illegal's through rate increases for them. i like the idea of letting them apply, then deporting them. If I were running for Prez, my platform would be based on the economy , deporting of illegals, and welfare reform. How much has this country spent healthcare for illegals? If we deport them that would open up jobs that are becoming hard to find, thus stimulating the economy. just wish someone with a big brass set would even suggest it let alone try to do it

#2230243 - 06/07/12 02:11 AM Re: Tuition Drop For Illegals [Re: azmastablasta]
BubbaChicken Offline
Die Hard Member

Registered: 04/28/12
Posts: 534
Loc: Tennesee, USA
Unfortunately both of the main parties are bought and paid for, and the Libertarians are getting overrun by the fringe dope user concerns, so we are pretty much screwed until something happens that gets people mad enough to revolt and start the clock over. Too bad, too, because I kinda like the people I know, and would never wish to see anyone harmed, but the government we have no longer cares to do constructive things, they want power, and they want influence. Selling out to illegals and special interests is how they are achieving that. I am sad to say I will likely still be alive when the war goes hot, but likely not for long from that point...

#2230244 - 06/07/12 02:14 AM Re: Tuition Drop For Illegals [Re: azmastablasta]
youngdon Offline
Die Hard Member III

Registered: 06/12/09
Posts: 2032
Loc: AZ
Undocumented students ? Sounds to me like they need a Sheriff Joe....

I hear you BubbaChicken..Well said.
"A free people ought not only be armed and disciplined, but they should have sufficient arms and ammunition to maintain a status of independence from any who might attempt to abuse them,which would include their own government." George Washington


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