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..We had this same problem last year... I think we started at 10 AM then...With all that is going on on Sat...People that need to leave early on Sunday need some packing/organization time on Sat AM..Especially since the Sat night banquet generally runs pretty late..

We don't need last minute time changes like last year when it started out a Noon and then was changed to 9 or 10, with the final time settled on at 10..

Not sure if that is directed towards me or not but you were included in the conversation of the starting time this year!!!!!It will start at 9:00am and I will have a sheet made out with directions to the range and starting time to go in everyones packet this year.

The banquet on Saturday night is starting at 4:00pm with dinner starting at 5:00pm so we can all get out of there a lot earlier and get a good nights sleep.

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