Here is a list of the custom calls donated by our very talented call makers and who the lucky winners were.

*** Many thanks to the call makers that donated calls. It is very much appreciated***

Seacowboy- antler call--Pitman6302
Seacowboy-Little Sticker call--Ken Scurry
Seacowboy- Lanyard--Barry

Catwhacker- Antler Howler-- Scottmilk9
Catwhacker- Closed Reed--Desert Ram
Catwhacker Open Reed--Leon

Bearmanric- Gary Nancz
Bearmanric- Ken Scurry
Bearmanric- Greg Chancellor

Willowcreek- Ash Burl--Jacob Cope
Willowcreek- Ash burl and blackwood--Steve Dillon
Willowcreek- Closed reed-- Pitman6302
Willowcreek- Ashburl Closed Reed--Gary Nanez

Tony Tebbe- Howler-- Chris Floyd

LDS- Open Reed--Gary Nancz
LDS- Open Reed--Gary Nancz
LDS- Open Reed--Chris Floyd

Stonecoyote- Open reed--Terry Bates

Set Donated by 220 Swift- Pitman6302

Carvercalls-Howler-- Duane
Carvercalls- Pup Howler--Greg Chancellor
Carvercalls-Open Reed--Melinda Kelly

ADC calls- Banded Open reed--Gary Nancz
ADC calls- Cowhorn tip-- Greg Chancellor
_________________________ (Hand Crafted In The USA)