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#1844963 - 02/15/11 03:56 PM The Mis-Adventures of Everett & Rod
Tyrod Offline
Seasoned Member

Registered: 02/21/08
Posts: 226
Loc: NC
Ok guys and gals, first of all I want to say that I had a great time at this years pm hunt. This is my second year going west to the pm hunt and I believe that a good time was had by all. A big Thank You to all the moderators and people that donated their time and to all the wonderful sponsors as well.
Last year I won the opportunity to hunt with Byron. Had a great time. Killed three coyotes. This year I hunted with Everett Miller from Utah. I have to tell you a few of the stories from this years trip. I never thought that I could have such a good time.....and not kill a single coyote! Yes it is true, I hunted in wonderful hunting land with plenty of yotes and didn't kill any. Crazy thing though..... I had an absolute blast of a time.
Everett and I got up at 4:30 each morning, hunted ALL day, and got back usually around 7pm. We were late to the banquet hall every night. So we put in the effort. Many many many stands.

On Wednesday our first day of hunting, it was really too windy to hunt. Of course we went anyway. I flew all the way from NC for this hunt so I am not gonna sit around because of a little wind. Make that a LOT of wind. It was cold and windy. ugh. We hunted all day and called in one. It showed up at about the 10 minute mark, about 150 yards away. I didn't see it until I hear Everett take his first shot. This coyote is running away with Everett shooting his AR trying to catch up to it. Everett says to me after the stand...."why didn't you shoot at it?" I am thinking 150 yards and running coyote.... I know I won't hit it. He says "next time shoot". Okey dokey.
Thursday: Much better weather. We see these 3 coyotes first thing in the morning. They were in a field just off the main road, with a bunch of houses nearby so we didn't take a shot.
We get to our next is my first real opportunity to kill one. We are on stand and I see a coyote about 150 yards away and he is considering coming in. He is walking around in some brush and is a little skittish. So, I line up to take the shot..... CLICK. Yes the dreaded AR click. Ugh. So I pull back and try to chamber a new round, line up for the shot, trigger won't move! ugh. Now I have a jammed gun and a coyote sitting 150 yards away that Everett doesn't see. I couldn't get the clip out, and tried as hard as I could to un jamm the gun. ugh. This has to be the most frustrating thing in the world. So I finally give up. I walk over to Everett and try to explain what I saw and what happened. I show him where the coyote was and I see him STILL THERE. omg. Everett says take my gun and shoot him. So I get his gun and try to find him.. of course now he has run off. AARRGH. No luck the rest of the day.

OK, Friday. Again perfect weather conditions. Today is our day to kill a few. I have to mention that Everett has a cough. One of those surprise coughs. You know the kind that sneaks up really sudden like. So, we are on stand and I hear what I think is one of his sneak attack coughs. I look over to Everett and standing 10 yard behind him is a coyote, looking for the funny sounding rabbit. Everett moves to shoot and the coyote takes off. After Everett sends about 10 rounds after him we head back to the truck, again with no dead yotes. ugh. We both laugh about how it was just too close to shoot, and since he came from behind us he deserved to live. chuckle.

Shortly thereafter. Another stand and this time I actually get to see him coming in. I am so excited cause I know I am gonna put this one down. He is almost 10 yards from the caller, when he stops for the perfect shot. I was positioned so I could see him before Everett. I line up and pull the trigger....yep you guessed it. This time I didn't even have a round chambered. ARRRRGGGHH. So, Everett takes the shot on a 10 yard standing still coyote. And missed, the first shot, and then the next 5 running shots!. I am laughing at this time because it is either laugh or cry. At least I get to laugh with Everett, since he is such a good shot. hahaha.
Ok, Everett schools me on properly loading my gun. Thanks. I know how to do it okay?

10 stands later, I get another chance. Believe me, my gun is ready this time. The prettiest coyote comes from my left and heads right to the decoy. I woof to stop him. He stops broadside at about 40 yards. At this point I am so excited that of course I MISS. I send 3-4 follow up shots and Everett takes 4-5 shots as well. Again he got away! You guys in NM are gonna have a hard time calling that one back in for sure!

Now it is Saturday. I am just in it for the thrill of the chase right? ugh, I really want to kill one. hahah NOPE, aint gonna happen. We are driving along the mexican border.

And I see a coyote cross the road in front of us. Heck we are gonna shoot something. Who cares if isn't called in? We pull up and Everett drapes his gun over the fender of his truck and actually shoots it. Of course it runs onto the Mexican side and flops down. Ugh no retrieval there, since we had just passed a couple of border patrol guys. Oh well.

Ok a later stand. We are set up and Everett and I are hiding in and beside a big mesquite bush. I am thinking that since there is no way the coyote would come from behind me I might as well put my scope on 5 power. hahah mistake!I hear something behind and to my right. wow this coyote is going to run right beside me on his way to the caller. One whole second later he is 10 yards in front of me, on my side almost to the caller. I try to line up for the shot all I can see is fur, so I take the shot. Yep, you guessed it. He hadn't stopped running. So I missed again. I figured what the heck and emptied my 10 round clip at him. Everett of course shot 4-5 times as well. Another escaped dog!
Everett and I laughed our butts off. Thinking about how many coyotes we had educated on this trip.

#1844980 - 02/15/11 04:09 PM Re: The Mis-Adventures of Everett & Rod [Re: Tyrod]
huntin4... Offline
Predator Master

Registered: 08/24/09
Posts: 69
Loc: AZ
Great stories glad we got to sit with you at dinner and listen to them. I was good meetting you both.

#1847960 - 02/17/11 05:53 PM Re: The Mis-Adventures of Everett & Rod [Re: huntin4...]
Jeepdude1987 Offline
Die Hard Member II

Registered: 12/05/08
Posts: 1433
Loc: Las Cruces, New Mexico, USA
Man now I know how all the dogs know not to come into my calls... you out-of-towners come down hunt your butts off and educate the heck out of all the local song dogs!!!!!

#1851400 - 02/20/11 12:33 PM Re: The Mis-Adventures of Everett & Rod [Re: Jeepdude1987]
OldTurtle Offline

Registered: 12/20/05
Posts: 19624
Loc: East Central FL
Tyrod wasn't joking about him and Everett getting up at 4:30 every morning.. I was sharing the room with them and usually up late at night working on paper work to bring some form of organization to the details of the Hunt, and every morning, all the lights in the room would go on while they were getting ready to head out...

Then at night, I'd be calling Tyrod to insure that they were okay and not stranded out in the brush or, even worse, hauled off to some detention center on one side of the border or the other, as they were always late coming to dinner.... unheard of in my world....

But their stories always made up for the schedule... certainly good for a few laughs at their expense...
Nature shares her secrets not to those that hurry by, but to those that walk with a happy heart and a seeing eye...

#1855705 - 02/23/11 04:09 PM Re: The Mis-Adventures of Everett & Rod [Re: OldTurtle]
Tyrod Offline
Seasoned Member

Registered: 02/21/08
Posts: 226
Loc: NC
It sure was fun.....
My friends here at home ask he how many I killed. I start smiling and have to explain how I had such a good time and killed nothing.

I think Everett and I ended up calling in 7. And shot only 15 times.....each!hahahaha


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