Here's the agenda for guest speakers at the 2011 PM Hunt!

There's some fantastic speakers that are taking time out of their busy schedules to come and be a part of the Predator Masters Hunt!

All events on Thursday, Friday, Saturday are held at the New Mexico Farm & Ranch Museum starting at approximately 7pm.

The meal will be served, and the guest speakers will begin.

Thursday Evening-

Starting the show will be Mr. Al Morris!

Al needs NO introduction. His years of calling predators have definately earned him icon status!
Al is a great asset to FoxPro and Predator Masters, and I look forward to learning from him!

Steve Dillon of FoxPro is next!

Steve has years of experience in all phases of the business, and will be a VERY informative speaker that we can all learn from. Have your questions ready! thumbup

Tom Austin of Predator Strikeforce!

Tom Austin is one of the most cutting edge people I know in the predator hunting world! His innovative approach to filming customers as they enjoy a hunting experience with him has created a high demand for his services! I'm sure looking forward to hearing from Tom and seeing what he has to say!

Friday Evening-

Mark Healy of Wildlife Callers!

Mark is going to educate and entertain you with his extensive experience with calling the big predators. Mainly LIONS! So, be ready!

Byron South of Coming to the Call, and MOJO Outdoors TV!

With Byron, there's never a dull moment! I'm sure looking forward to hearing from Byron, & learning from what he has to say! I wouldn't be a bit surprised to be surprised by Byron this year!

There will be other events such as the HUGE RAFFLE DRAWING on Saturday night! Door Prizes & unique gifts for the kids will be given throughout all nightly events!

There's still time to register and attend the hunt!

I look forward to seeing you all there!

FoxPro FieldStaff
Benjamin Hunting ProStaff
Coyote Light Prostaff