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#1604967 - 05/22/10 01:58 PM Re: Any Idea [Re: OldTurtle]
Jeff Mock Offline
Retired PM Staff

Registered: 09/01/01
Posts: 11081
Loc: Tucson Arizona
We sure could use someone to greet the members as they arrive and give them an overview of the area and activities.

That would be VERY MUCH appreciated! thumbup
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#1604975 - 05/22/10 02:15 PM Re: Any Idea [Re: Jeff Mock]
carvercalls Offline

Registered: 07/27/06
Posts: 13786
Loc: Utah
Only one problem I see with October through Mid November, its going to conflict with allot of big game hunts.. The turn out might not be near as good as a Jan hunt.. I think most of the big game hunts are Sept, Oct and Nov..
I would rather hunt a coyote than a stinky old deer any day, so it would really wouldn't matter to me..
Also, there are folks that have already burnt up a week of vacation on one hunt this year and possibly their vacation wont reset till Jan?? Just food for thought..
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#1605034 - 05/22/10 04:27 PM Re: Any Idea [Re: carvercalls]
badtothebone Offline
Custom Call Maker

Registered: 02/27/06
Posts: 11883
Loc: Ohio, Wayne & Harrison
Plus, with the holidays coming, money might be tight. Kids and Christmas, deer and big game seasons, would take a high priority for many.

After the first of the year it's tax return time and many vacation calendars are reset. LOL!


#1605299 - 05/23/10 06:56 AM Re: Any Idea [Re: badtothebone]
Die Hard Member III

Registered: 09/27/09
Posts: 3464
Loc: ms usa
I know from my stand point , i am like TT i would like to know Dates asap just to plan for the trip.I will be driving and if anyone needs extra guns are to catch a ride they are more then welcome to. I have a Elk hunt planned for my hitch off in Nov. so that month will leave me out , but any other time if i am off i will be there and if i can help out are do anything just let me know. Thanks

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#1605560 - 05/23/10 06:30 PM Re: Any Idea [Re: WSMBUCK]
reb8600 Offline

Registered: 10/13/04
Posts: 11506
Loc: Morgan, Utah
I am not real picky except during my elk hunts which are early Oct and then during Nov. I would like to know what the date is like the others so I could make plans.
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#1609092 - 05/30/10 04:47 PM Re: Any Idea [Re: badtothebone]
pyscodog Offline
PM Junkie

Registered: 12/04/06
Posts: 16233
Loc: okla
I know when is a very important fact. I'm still wondering WHERE!! Los Cruces?

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#1609094 - 05/30/10 04:50 PM Re: Any Idea [Re: pyscodog]
Stu Farish Offline

Registered: 04/22/01
Posts: 24563
Loc: Have gun, will travel
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#1623579 - 06/25/10 12:50 AM Re: Any Idea [Re: Stu Farish]
Yellowhammer Offline

Registered: 02/07/02
Posts: 16690
Loc: Huntington, Texas
If we just get a list of guys with experience, and make another list of guys who feel they don't have as much experiance, and then simply draw names and merry them up, and make a list of who will be hunting with who.

A little member profile might be in order too.

Some guys are chomping at the bit to get out and be hunting at the crack of dawn and getting in as many stands as possible before dark.

Others are content to drag out, get a big breakfast made a few stands, head in for lunch and then maybe get a stand or too before supper.

If you "marry" one of each of these types, they might be info for a miserable hunt.

Nothing wrong with either of these styles, but not compatible at all. I tend to fall in the first category. If I come that far, I want to get in as many stands as possible. I can eat that evening or when I get home for that matter. I also tend to be a "stop the truck, run out and start calling, and move on to the next spot" type of hunter.

If I am always at the set up, or back at the truck waiting on the other guy, I'm impatient. On the other hand, the other guys is wondering what is that guys problem? Can't he slow down a little, my feet hurt?"
"The recreational value of a head of game is inverse to the artificiality of its origin"

"No prize is greater than the effort taken to acheive it"

- Aldo Leopold, The Father of Wildlife Management

#1623671 - 06/25/10 10:12 AM Re: Any Idea [Re: Yellowhammer]
OldTurtle Offline
Former Moderator

Registered: 12/20/05
Posts: 19624
Loc: East Central FL
Another factor in pairing up hunters is health issues.. some of us (namely me) can't walk long distances and don't want to slow down others... I'm content to find a spot and spend an hour trying to call something in, while most are 10-15 minute stand types and like to move fast....

I know at the last Hunt, due to blood pressure problems caused by the increased elevation, I had to be pretty inactive for the first couple of days and didn't get out until almost time to leave... but fortunately the guys that I went with were okay with me hanging back while they went out a lot farther... I just had to keep track of their general locations..which they had communicated ahead of time..

It doesn't mean I didn't have a good time, I just don't want to be a bother to anyone else..I got to meet a lot of great people and see some of the local sights..
Nature shares her secrets not to those that hurry by, but to those that walk with a happy heart and a seeing eye...

#1623673 - 06/25/10 10:24 AM Re: Any Idea [Re: OldTurtle]
rockinbbar Offline
Retired PM Staff

Registered: 01/08/08
Posts: 10218
Loc: TX
Good points.

Perhaps a board that has participants...Experienced on one side, inexperienced on the other, and let them pair up during a discussion hour event about that next days hunt.

That way, they can see expectations before leaving, and if a change needs to be made, it can be made then, before the hunt of the day?
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